Disciplinarian of the Month – April 2023: Mrs. Educator

This month, we are reinitiating our Disciplinarian of the Month feature. It is All Things Spanking’s pleasure to honor Mrs. Educator for April 2023. Based in Prague, Mrs. Educator administers firm spankings and punishments to those who have earned them. She is strict but fair.

In addition to seeing people individually, she is the director of the Adult Educational Institute (VIPD) modeled on an old English school. Naughty students receive severe punishment.

Another service that Mrs. Educator provides is the Marriage Correctional Institute. While Mrs. Educator supports wives disciplining their husbands one-on-one, she came to realize that a recalcitrant husband may not always respond to his wife’s discipline and that she may need help. Following discussion with and consent of the wife, Mrs. Educator will administer an agreed-upon punishment.

Now, let’s hear from Mrs. Educator.


All Things Spanking: What motivated you to become a Disciplinarian? How did you get started?

Mrs. Educator: It started with my first cane. I used to be a teacher at a secondary school, but I was not satisfied and wanted something different. Ten years ago, I decided to travel around England and then the USA. Upon my return home, I decided to teach Czech adults the use of English as a second language. One of my older students (he was 60 at the time) brought a cane with him. He had the idea that I could punish him if he didn’t do the homework or learn the vocabulary. He saw this as a motivational tool. At first, I was shy and laughed about it. However, on several occasions, he did not prepare for a class and did not have the homework completed so we could not continue with that lesson.

Even though I was 25 years younger than him, I became angry with him and pronounced that “I will punish you now with 25 strokes of the cane on your naked buttocks, or I will not teach you anymore!” He started to bargain with me about the number of strokes, but I was strict and relentless. Twenty-five (25) is a historically special number in the Czech Republic for spanking. I insisted on 25 strokes, or we were done. He eventually agreed and bent over the table with his pants down.

As I was upset with him, he received 25 fair strokes without mercy, one after the other. He held his position even though I could see that he suffered. That excited me.

When it was over, he looked in the mirror, praised my work, and said that I am very talented and could do it professionally! I laughed, but eventually placed an advertisement for “English with a cane.” After a few more classes, I realized that some men who came for my English language lessons with a cane were not interested in English. I also learned that if it’s for their good, I enjoyed it very much. So, I learned more and became a professional Disciplinarian.

All Things Spanking: Do you have any favorite implements?

Mrs. Educator: Once I became established, I received many implements and tools as presents from my happy clients. Some of them are professionally made and some are homemade. All are valued tools of the trade.

I love my canes. Some have names. The first cane from the English as a Second Language classes is “The Teacher.”  “The Assistant” is thinner than “The Teacher” and I also have  “Black Viper.” My favorite canes for punishing boys are “Cleopatra” or the “Fat Berta.”

I have also mastered leather tools like belts, straps, the Scottish Tawse, and various whips. But I prefer the canes and brushes 🙂

All Things Spanking: What could one expect when presenting themself to you for discipline?

Mrs. Educator: The short answer is a well-spanked bum.

I like to start by warming up the buttocks with my hand in the OTK position. This allows me to feel the tension of the skin plus sense the fear and excitement of the person who is to be punished. Then, I like to use a brush or wooden spoon. My favorite is “little devil” which is professionally made. It looks like a brush but without the bristles – essentially a brush-shaped paddle. I progress from there to intensify the punishment as required for the offense. I used to play volleyball, so I have excellent aim and wrist work.

All discipline is administered with dignity and respect. I assure that I understand my clients’ limits and their need for spanking and discipline. They understand why they will be punished. It is key that we communicate so we each understand what is to be done in a safe, consensual manner.

All Things Spanking: Do you ever travel?

Mrs. Educator: Yes, I travel around the world for some of my VIP clients if the offer is interesting to me. I recently returned from Tallinn (Estonia). I was in Finland last year and plan to return at some time. I like to travel so I decided to accept an invitation to Zanzibar and to Brunei for holidays and spanking. It was exciting, relaxing, and fun.

I was asked to go to Brunei by the girlfriend of a naughty man. She wanted him to be punished by me online on the internet so she could observe. It was fun for everybody, and we are now friends.

I was invited to Zanzibar by a Czech client who got stuck there at work due to the COVID crisis. It was very refreshing at the time, and he was soundly spanked.

This summer, I plan to go to Italy to visit and spank an Italian client who sees me regularly in Prague

Just let me know, make an offer, and maybe I can come to spank you.

All Things Spanking: Where can we read more about you or see your work online?

Mrs. Educator: You can see my work on my website www.vychova-a-vyprask.cz where there is a contact form or you can become a member of VIP Discipline and see the original videos and photos from my office in Prague at https://www.pickey.cz/panivychovatelka.

All Things Spanking: Do you have any final thoughts for us?

Mrs. Educator: Yes. I really like what I do, and I believe I am good at it. For those in Prague or traveling there, my favorite is to meet in my office. We will have fun together with spanking, and you will be a better person for it!

All Things Spanking: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Educator. It has been a privilege to interact.

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