Thursday Theft: Abby Spanked?

This week’s Thursday theft is from the defunct blog Cigi’s World. The post is from 2009 and wonderfully captures Cigi’s fantasy. OK, I must admit that I, too, fantasized about seeing Abigail “Abby” Beethoven Sciuto (portrayed by Pauley Perrette) ceremonially spanked. Oh, well. Follow the title link below to read all of Cigi’s post.

Spanking On TV…I Wish


… My favorite show the last few years has been “NCIS“; the show about the Naval Investigative Service. Not likely to have a spanking on that show, right? Well, a girl can dream can’t she? I think there is at least one character that can be called “one of us”. If you watch the show at all you know I’m talking about “the Goth chick”; Abby. The girl is kinky. Come on…she wears a collar (usually leather), short plaid or leather skirts, high-heeled boots, sports tattoos and tops it all off with little girl pigtails or braids. If this girl isn’t begging for a spanking, I don’t know who is. ..


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