Focus on Strict Lady Cloe

Do you need a strict female authority for:

  • Behavior modification?
  • Mentoring?
  • Coaching?

Lady Cloe is a mature and very capable Disciplinarian who has 14 years of experience correcting naughty bottoms. She enjoys and cares for each bottom she encounters.

Lady Cloe believes that a good OTK spanking, properly applied, is strict but never cruel, and that it teaches the bottom right from wrong. Stern lectures are incorporated and do wonders for a procrastinating or misbehaving bottom. Every smack on the butt is deserved and delivered with care, so the point is driven home. Lady Cloe has seen changes in behavior and manners with her tried and true approach. Once the “counseling” is complete, aftercare is very necessary so the bottom will know that all is forgiven and can move ahead to greater heights with a clear mind …… or Lady Cloe will once again intervene.

You can schedule:

  • Over-the-knee for traditional correction.
  • Strapped down on a bench for a proper judicial chastisement.
  • Online coaching.
  • Mentoring.

It goes without saying that Lady Cloe provides no sexual services or “jobs of any kind.

Recommended COVID safety measures are enforced and not negotiable. This includes being fully vaccinated and boosted plus mask use.

Lady Cloe is the real deal!

One thought on “Focus on Strict Lady Cloe

  1. I can attest to the above being true and correct. I would also add, that she is very professional and knows how to cater to the disciplinary needs of a bottom.
    She carries herself very well, with an
    air of authority, and as someone who must
    be obeyed.
    Lady cloe is a strict and no nonsense woman, who can break the most powerful male and put him in his place.
    She is DEFINITELY the real deal!!

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