Thursday Theft: A Story … or for real?

Today’s theft is from the now-defunct blog iSpank-Improving behavior, one brat at a time. I urge you to follow the title link to read the entire post.

New Story…First Time for Wasting Time

I recently had the chance to meet with a girl named Ally, a college student in her early 20’s. She had been thinking about being spanked for a few years but had never actually had a spanking. Over the course of several emails we discussed our general feelings about how a spanking should go and her reasons for deserving one.

Ally informed me that she had not been taking her studies seriously enough and not trying hard enough on her assignments. She had not maintained her grades this semester as well as she should have and though she wasn’t failing anything, there was room for improvement. We both agreed that a sound spanking would do her some good and would answer some of her curiosity about actually being spanked. …

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