An Interview with Disciplinarian Juliette

Disciplinarian Juliette is based in Los Angeles and is a traditional discipliarian. As she says:

I am not a “dominatrix”.  I don’t know how [to] do that. What I am is strict, kind, maternal, and highly educated, with just a tiny cruel streak. Not to worry, it only comes out when you’re over my lap yelping. …  I will remind you of that strict lady from your youth who either spanked you – or you wish had spanked you.

Hmmmmm, perhaps a school teacher? Your best friend’s Mom? The neighbor?

She recently granted All Things Spanking an interview. Enjoy.

ATS:       Thank you for taking the time to speak with All Things Spanking. We know that everyone is busy these days replanning as we evolve from the COVID-era.

DJ:          The pleasure is all mine – as usual.

ATS:       Speaking of COVID and the year 2020, what did you do to maintain a presence and some semblance of your spanking form?

DJ:        I took a hiatus from discipline, and focused on myself. At first, I started with the physical, cleaned up my diet, started lifting weights and running. I really enjoy running.

ATS:       Do you find that your legendary stamina and power have diminished, or can you do all anyone can handle right out of the box?

DJ:          Young man, I am stronger than I have ever been.  People have always underestimated my strength.

ATS:       We understand that you are coming back with a few changes. Can you speak to those?

DJ:          The most incredible thing happened over the Spring. My family has homes here and there throughout the US, and we all travel between them, sometimes alone or together. It turns out my older brother found my implements at the Las Vegas house – long story short – the spanking gene is legitimate, and we are going to start doing double sessions together. Imagine getting spanked by Aunt Juliette and Uncle Rob! Fair warning, he is a harsh paddler.

ATS:       Were you a “born spanking enthusiast?”

DJ:          How else can you explain double sessions with my actual brother?? We were raised in a pretty strict Catholic home, so who is to say if it is nature or nurture? All I know is that I have been fascinated by spanking for as long as I can remember.  Especially watching. I used to sneak downstairs and watch my brother get paddled after I was supposed to be in bed. Both of our parents were spanking liberals.

ATS:       Hmmmmm, did he ever watch you being paddled? Perhaps that is a question for another day?

I imagine there are (will be) many deserving bottoms as disciplinarians open again. On those bottoms you have seen so far, is the canvas any different? Will bottoms need to rebuild their tolerances? Do you care or is it “this is going to hurt – get ready now”!?

DJ:          Either everyone’s tolerance is lower, or I’ve gotten even stronger than I thought. Which do you think it is? 😉

ATS:       Ummmmmm, errrrrrrrrrr, no comment.

You told me that you have always loved wooden implements as they are unyielding and highly effective. I presume that is still so, yes? Do you, however, incorporate other implements into a session? What might they be and how do you use them?

DJ:          I enjoy using my bare hands and belts. Also, Strict Jane mentored me in the art of the cane.

ATS:       Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their implements feel like in actual use. Have you ever submitted, and do you experience your “tools” before putting them into use? Why or why not?

DJ:          You do not have to have heart disease to be a cardiac surgeon.

ATS:       There are several spanking modalities that disciplinarians offer such as maintenance, punishment, judicial, etc. Which are in your repertoire, and which do you like most? Why?

DJ:          Maintenance spankings are my favorite, closely followed by judicial. The maintenance spanking means that progress has been made, and we are in maintenance mode. It means my previous discipline and scolding have been effective, and that means we have both succeeded.

ATS:       What type of spanking do bottoms seem to prefer?

DJ:          Hard ones, lol.

ATS:       How do you approach a session to assure that your clothing and affect meet the need?

DJ:          I used to be pretty conservative in my previous attire, but less so since the transformation. The pandemic chaos did a lot to change me, inside and out. Anyway, I don’t mind taking wardrobe requests as long as they are polite and respectful.

ATS:       Do you have any travel plans? Where and when?

DJ:          Yes, I do. I have several day trips planned to the Los Angeles area, plus a few to San Jose over the next few months. I will soon be in Dallas (June 28- July 1) and maybe Austin. In August, I will be in Seattle although the dates are yet to be determined.

ATS:       Do you offer phone sessions?

DJ:          No, I do not. No phone, no zoom, no video chats. I am old school. A proper spanking needs to start over the knee, pants down. How am I supposed to do that over the phone?

ATS:       Did you learn the trade from a mentor? How was that experience?

DJ:          I think when you do not bottom you pretty much have to learn from a mentor. I got a lot of training from a naturally dominant spanker type. We did many double sessions together when I first started out. She showed me the ropes of domestic discipline versus traditional BDSM, life coaching, role play, punishment, and maintenance spankings.

ATS:       What is important for new bottoms to know as they begin to explore the disciplinary scene? What are some common mistakes they make?

DS:         It is helpful to be clear on what they need from a session and to communicate, while also being realistic.


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