An Interview with Elena De Luca

At 5’2″ with waist-length auburn hair, Elena De Luca is based in New York City and is a force to be reckoned with. She loves disciplinary scenes and spanking. One way or another, this erudite, sophisticated lady will correct your misbehaviors and teach you good manners. Do not make the mistake of underestimating her.

In addition to applying the disciplinary arts, Ms. De Luca is a video producer, film star, and educator. She has been a friend of All Things Spanking, and it was my pleasure to interview recently.


ATS: Thank you, Ms. De Luca (2 words, I did read what the consequences would be for messing this up) for agreeing to do this interview. It is truly an honor for me.

Ms. De Luca: That is correct. My name is often misspelled, I cannot expect anyone to learn without proper discipline. Thanks for having me. I am excited to be doing this.

ATS: Everyone always enjoys the back story on disciplinarians. What can you tell us about how you got into spanking? When? Where?

Ms. De Luca: I always had an affinity for a disciplinarian style of control and punishment, but it was not until I became a pro-domme that I discovered my love of spanking. Learning the proper technique so I did not hurt my hand anymore definitely helped that.

ATS: When and how did you give your first spanking? How did it go?

Ms. De Luca: The first time I really took someone over my knee and learned to give a proper spanking was at my first dungeon. Because of my girl next door look I was immediately thrown all the role play scenes. I naturally put my disciplinarian style into them.

ATS: What is your favorite spanking position? What do you find so enticing about it?

Ms. De Luca: I like OTK. I want them helpless thrown over my knee, where I can grab them around the waist and really man-handle them.

ATS: What bottom would not like to be in that position? But, I digress.

What is your favorite implement? What do you like about it?

Ms. De Luca: My favorite implement is the cane. Canes can be so severe but also so versatile. With the variety of thicknesses and materials.

ATS: Do you have a least favorite instant implement? What do you not favor about it?

Ms. De Luca: Those leather paddles with the fur on one side. I will use them sometimes to begin a warm-up, but they are basically useless. I hate that they are treated like the beginner’s paddle and people should start with it. It just promotes bad technique.

ATS: You work with people on behavior modification. Could you please tell us a little bit about that and how you approach providing this help?

Ms. De Luca: I believe in leaving my bottoms better than I found them. I like to use lectures and spanking to help correct bad habits. I find just using punishment is not enough. I also use maintenance spankings to keep my bottoms in line.

ATS: You are an ordained minister. Have you ever incorporated that honor into disciplinary play or behavior modification? How?

Ms. De Luca: I have offered it many times, but no one has taken me up on it! I would love to use it in my play more. I did wear a nun outfit and made a few videos once. I need to do it again soon.

ATS: Many spanking enthusiasts debate the differences between discipline and punishment if any. How do you see the use of these two techniques? Do you differentiate when you are spanking someone?

Ms. De Luca: I do differentiate. Discipline is broader to me. Punishment is a tool for when a mistake has been made. Discipline is for preventing mistakes and it can be part of punishment.

ATS: You previously announced that you were reopening on April 1. How has that gone and what plans do you have going forward?

Ms. De Luca: Beginning sessions again has been amazing. I missed it so much. I have been swamped with play and I cannot get enough. I am excited to keep this going for as long as I can.

ATS: Do you currently have any plans to travel?

Ms. De Luca: I do not have any plans right now, but I am already thinking about touring in 2022. For this year I am only doing personal travel and “Fly Me to You” travel. So, if someone wants me to visit their city in 2021, they will have to fly me there.

ATS: Aside from getting your name right, do you have any pet peeves related to spanking? Do violations automatically lead to a spanking?

Ms. De Luca: My only pet peeve is bottoms who misbehave just to get their spankings. I use other methods for bad behavior like that. I prefer to remove my attention rather than give more of it for misbehaving.

ATS: Other than at a party, have you ever spanked anyone in public? Please do tell us about it.

Ms. De Luca: I have not. I think it would be fun, but it is very hard to find a situation where that would be welcome that is not a kink event.

ATS: Do you ever switch?

Ms. De Luca: Nope. Never. I do not have a submissive bone in my body.

ATS: Where might readers find more about you such as video clips, podcasts, etc.?

Ms. De Luca: They can find links to everything on I have pages dedicated to all the different things they might want to know about me.

ATS: How can interested people get in touch with you?

Ms. De Luca: The best way to get in touch with me is thru I have my email listed and a contact form they can use.

ATS: Thank you for your time, Ms. De Luca. You certainly are an intriguing disciplinarian who clearly enjoys what she does.

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