Disciplinarian of the Month: Mistress Rattan

Mistress Rattan is a Toronto-based Disciplinarian who has a particular penchant for administering corporal punishment to those in need. She is particularly adept with the cane, and, as her tagline states, relishes providing a “corporal fix for a corporate world.” In addition to Mistress Rattan’s disciplinary interests, she enjoys many vanilla activities such as theatre, movies, music, literature, sports, and travel.

Mistress Rattan has been a friend of All Things Spanking for some time, and we are pleased to honor her as our February 2021 Disciplinarian of the Month. Read more about Mistress Rattan on her website that includes samples of her articles, poetry, and even a kinky crossword puzzle!

We recently asked Mistress Rattan how she became interested in the disciplinary arts and how she honed her skills. Mistress Rattan’s response is below.

To begin at the end (pun intended), I was taught by my spanking savant that one cannot spank unless and until one has been spanked. It is wrong to be a top until you know what it is to be a bottom (yes, another pun). Once I decided on this career, I bent (yes, another) to the task of both giving and receiving all manner of BDSM. The physical aspect of a good spanking is just a small part of a psychological dance of discovery, blubbery, and recovery; and that leads to the first question of how I became interested.

I am a terrible tease, and I love people. Strip a man of his macho exterior and you find a human with foibles, fears, fascinations, and fetishes. Very early on I developed skills at stripping away the facade, peeling the onion, uncorking the genie. I learned what they need, that I was comfortable providing that, and then got trained in the arts. I do not do anything to another human being that I have not myself experienced.

I am a therapist and I deal with deep issues of ego, guilt, secret needs and desires, and, yes, even the need for excitement.

Some, a few, actually want to be punished for a wide variety of reasons. Expiating real and imagined sins makes me a Priestess of the Unholy Order of Spank.

The interaction between top and bottom is very intense and ultimately cathartic. I do not just beat my clients; I “learn” them, then provide what they need, making sure to meet that person’s limits. Top to bottom is all about trust. And a soundly smarting ass. Most want it. Some really need it. And I love giving it.

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