Disciplinarian of the Month: Strict Jane

Strict Jane is a discipline coach who has helped many women and men improve their lives through a unique combination of therapy, coaching, and discipline. University educated in health sciences, Jane has engaged in a variety of coaching techniques that eventually led to her incorporating discipline (spanking) as a coaching tool. Commitment is expected and accountability is real when working with Jane.

It is our pleasure to honor Strict Jane as the Disciplinarian of the Month for January 2021. Originally located in Los Angeles where she built a very successful practice, Jane is now based in Australia where she recently founded SJ Coaching. We recently asked Jane about her experiences in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

All Things Spanking: Jane, thank you for your friendship and support over the years. Having lived in California and now Australia, what do you find the same and different about the spanking culture and play in each locale? Are spanking enthusiasts the same everywhere or are there any discernible differences?

Strict Jane: I have spanked many more people in the US than Australia, so any comparison of nations will not be based on equal amounts of experience. However, I can say that so far, my ideal client in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane is very similar to my ideal client in the US. When it comes to spanking overall, both women and men want mostly the same things in terms of positions, reasons for being spanked and the theme of a spanking session. There is also a similar interest in the combination of coaching and spanking as used in my behaviour modification programs.

However, there have been some small differences worth noting. I have found that there is less fear of the cane with Australian clients, which likely harkens back to our British ancestry. Those I have introduced to the cane have come to love it as part of each session (but then again, those in the US who feared the cane but tried it with me also came to love the cane).

I’ve also observed that being paddled is important to the US client and less so for the Australian, although Aussies are open-minded when it comes to receiving any type of implement and they particularly enjoy a heavy leather strapping. The Australian bottoms I have so far dealt with have been eager to try harder punishments and they have generally high pain thresholds. There has also been less demand for the ritualised, scene-specific spanking that involves precise role play and use of language, such as I enjoyed with many of my US and UK clients. As a generalisation, Aussies are easy-going types who like to be thrashed hard and they aren’t too fussy about how it happens. As long as they leave with a sore and sorry bottom, they’ll be right as rain.

One unfortunate difference between the two nations is the lack of etiquette with some (not all) Australian clients. This can be evident in their tendency to cancel sessions at the last minute or to not show at all, with little consideration as to how it affects the provider. It happens more often in Australia than it did in the US. For this reason, a pre-session deposit is best arranged in Australia, which is good business practice in any location regardless. I do not tolerate any lack of respect from my clients, of course, but generally I have found Americans to have retained more of those old-fashioned good manners that are so delightful to behold in my profession.

In terms of similarities, both sets of people like to be scolded and to go over-the-knee, and to later be tied down to furniture when a spanking gets serious. I do have to dig a little deeper to find spanking enthusiasts seeking spanking-only sessions in Australia, yet they do become as loyal and enjoyable to spank as any in the US I’ve had the pleasure of correcting. If an Aussie client happens to start out with any discernible lack of etiquette, I soon set them as straight as a straight-backed chair (actually… I bend them over it for the caning of a lifetime – to make sure they learn my future expectations).

All Things Spanking: Oh, that’s OK, Jane. I will sit up straight. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?

Yes, I think it prudent to give an update on my business in 2021. Given that I will not be travelling globally until it is safe to do so, I am focusing my efforts on online coaching this year. I may be contacted as a disciplinary coach by anyone who wishes to improve certain areas of their life that they can’t seem to manage alone, particularly in the areas of health, productivity and relationships.

I also offer one-time disciplinary sessions over a phone call or Zoom, where I provide real-time guided self-spankings to help people alleviate feelings of guilt and to motivate them back into action. In many cases, a mental obstacle is soon overcome by one good spanking by an understanding yet strict woman, along with a mindset tweak that I’ll throw in as a bonus.

I will continue to accept applications from those who wish to see me in person one day, and I am willing to run in-person sessions in major cities in Australia this year, depending on demand.

Finally, I would like to alert readers of this excellent blog to a FREE Checklist they can download from my website, which shows you How to Become a Disciplinarian’s Favourite Person to Deal With. You will see the freebie at www.strictjane.com on the home page. I encourage readers to make use of this checklist before contacting a disciplinarian in the future.

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