Do you cry when spanked?

Today’s Thursday Theft relates to crying and spanking. Many of us who want to cry during a spanking find it difficult if not impossible. Others let tears flow. I believe it has to do with how comfortable and close we are with our spanker and our emotional state. Knowing that you will be fine despite the pain requires trust that cannot be achieved in a first spanking from someone we just met at a party.

Several years ago, Madeline from the blog Mischief Mostly Managed posted about her experiences with spanking and tears. Follow the links to read it all.

Spanking made me cry… long after the fact.

I don’t burst into tears from the impact of a spanking. Dominic can wear me out with his belt, the cane, paddle… or all of the above and I don’t just burst into tears.

But hurt feelings? Eventually I can cry. I don’t cry over much, but thinking Dominic is mad at me or rejecting me… so many tears. (The man has never rejected me, hormones do evil things to my emotions.)

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