Daisy Dukes

Model unknown

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A podcast with Strict Lady Cloe

Lady Cloe is a NY-based disciplinarian and behavior modification expert who was recently interviewed for the podcast Never Too Old For Agoodspankin


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Tools of the trade

Spring has sprung and Summer approaches in the Northern Hemisphere. It is such a nice day. How about a little caning or paddling in the fresh air? Are you in?

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, some heat for the seat will warm you up as Fall and Winter descend.

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Shadow Lodge party announcement

Shadow Lodge has announced that registration for their Labor Day weekend party will open on May 2. After quarantine, there must be a tsunami of bottoms – and Tops – itching for action. As Shadow Lodge posts on their website:


Exciting news! We are just moments away from opening registration for Labor Day Weekend 2021 Shadow lodge spanking party. Check back often. Once the registration buttons change to register now we will be open for business.

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Kinking Out Loud asks a doctor

Yes, Jillian Keenan is out with a new interview on Kinking Out Loud that focuses on the medical aspects of spanking and related kinks. As always, it is informative and well-focused. If you enjoy Jillian’s work, please consider subscribing to Kinking Out Loud.

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All you wanted to know about caning

Recently, I viewed Mistress Baton’s video MB Caning 101 on her YouTube channel, Mistress Baton Flashoverfilms. It is an amazing tutorial for newbie caners and a refresher for the experienced hand.

Based in Johannesburg, Mistress Baton provides caning experiences from mild to judicial and always gets fantastic results. Be careful what you wish for! As an expert in caning, she superbly and clearly covers a wide range of issues in this video.

I urge anyone interested in caning to view this material.

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Pandora Blake receives a good spanking

His Spanked Wife (M/F)

Pandora Blake has been rude and disrespectful all week, and Stephen Lewis has had enough – surely a firm OTK hairbrush spanking will be enough to set her straight?

See more at Dreams of Spanking.

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