The following are spanking-oriented groups based in the designated cities. Some of these groups travel, and hold occasional events in other cities.

All groups have prerequisites for attending a meeting or social that are explained at the site to which we link. Although I am not personally familiar with each of these groups, I strive to post groups that are reputable, active, and free of spam on their discussion board(s). Nevertheless, the standard safety caveats prevail, as they should in any activity related to our kink.

I welcome your input on these groups, or other groups that could be added to these lists regardless of their location. Our readership is international. Contact me via email if you have comments or suggestions.

Special Events

Many events are offered that encompass the full range of BDSM incuding spanking, and they certainly are worthwhile endeavors. Since the focus of this blog is spanking, I am presenting below special events that are spanking oriented. This is not intended to be a listing of groups that have spanking parties or socials. Those would be covered by the listings below on this page. Rather, the listings in this sub-category are unique classes or longer events (e.g., weekends) that focus almost exclusively on spanking.

United States Based Groups

Boston Metro Spanking Personals – (Boston Metro)
Bottoms Up – (Dallas – Ft. Worth)
Carolina Spankers – (Raleigh, NC)
Crimson Moon – (Chicago)
DC Spankers – (Washington, DC)
DELCO Spankos – (Philadelphia, PA)
Florida Moonshine – (Tampa)
HankySpankyMN – (Minneapolis – St. Paul)
Houston Adult Spanking – (Houston)
Iowa Spanking Society – (Des Moines)
Jersey Shore Spankos – (Southern New Jersey)
KC Spanks Club – (Kansas City)
Los Angeles Spanking Personals – (Los Angeles)
Manhattan Spanking Association- (New York City)
Metropolitan Detroit Spanking Society (MDSS) – Detroit
Missy By Invitation Only OC – (Southern California)
Motor City Moonshiners – (Detroit)
Orange County Spanking Personals – (Orange County, CA)
Our Need and Desire Spanking Group – (Chicago)
San Diego Spanking – (San Diego)
San Diego Spanking Personals – (San Diego)
Santa Ana OTK Spanking Parties – (Santa Ana)
Shadow Lane – (Las Vegas)
Southeastern Virginia Spankoholics – (Tidewater Area)
Spankers of the Southeast – (Knoxville)
SCONY (Spanking Club of New York) – (New York City)
Spanking Parties – (Listing of various groups)
Strictly Spanking NY (SSNY) – (New York City)
The Palms – (Seattle)

USA Male/male Groups

Chicago Spanking Party – (Chicago)
Male Doms for Male Subs – (New York)
San Francisco Men’s Spanking Party – (San Francisco)
SpankDC – (Washington, DC)

Canadian Based Groups

Lethbridge and Area Spanking Group – (Lethbridge)
Red Hot Fun – (Toronto)
Spanking in Edmonton – (Edmonton)

United Kingdom Based Groups

2 Kings Spanking Parties (London)
Bottoms Up
Manchester CP – Male/male group
Miss Brown
Moonglow Spanking Club
New Grange Manor
Southern UK Spanking and BDSM (SUKSBDSM)
Strictly Miss Brown Parties
The Slayers


The following are public play sites that cater to BDSM including spanking. Check each site’s web page for hours of operation, cost, rules, etc.

1763 – (Atlanta)
Church Spank – (Amsterdam, NL)
Club Pedestal – (London)
Fetish Factory – (Ft. Lauderdale)
Paddles – (New York City)
Sanctuary – (Los Angeles)
The Citadel – (San Francisco)
The Crucible – (Washington, DC)
The Sins Center – (Chicago)