BDSM reclassified?

From The Sun (UK):

Bondage and S&M sex games have been rebranded as a ‘pastime just like golf’

A new study has aligned hardcore sex games with genteel hobbies including hiking, skiing and golf as boffins discovered that participants feel a sense of freedom, have to use special skills, and describe it as ‘recreational’ …

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A job well done

From The Star (UK):

Matt Damon bruised his butt cheek for Suburbicon spanking scene

The actors play husband and wife in the 1950s-set dark comedy, directed by George Clooney, and one scene required the Jason Bourne star to repeatedly spank Moore’s butt with a ping pong paddle as their characters got intimate. …

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Yes this will sting

The paddle may be small, but the lady knows precisely how and where to apply it to maximize its effect. Never underestimate a lady who wants to punish you.

Original source unknown

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A basic primer for this thing we do (TTWD)

From Jerk Magazine (online):

Safe Spanking 101

So you want to try something new…

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October 17 over the years in All Things Spanking

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Seen (scene?) on the street. Spank them on the spot?

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An interview with Disciplinarian Juliette

Miss Juliette is a Los Angeles-based Spanker. She recently agreed to chat with us, and we are so pleased that she did. Erudite, well-spoken, and quite adept at delivering the type and severity of spanking required in any situation, Miss Juliette opened our eyes to many things. And, yes, “Juliette” has an “e” at the end despite the space-mandated truncation imposed by FetLife where it appears as “Juliett.” As Miss J said to me, ” … It has gotten many a young man like yourself in some trouble. My advice: ” Don’t forget that “e” … or do forget it! Be careful what you wish for.”

You may read more about Miss J or contact her via her FetLIfe site or email.

ATS: You have stated that you consider yourself a “therapist of sorts.” Many disciplinarians are now becoming involved in “life coaching with a twist.” This is a growing segment of our community. Could you comment on how that is done and received by the client? Are most clients receptive to this, and do they respond well? Are the issues being addressed generally corrected?

Juliette: Every situation is different, but generally speaking:

1. Client has goals. A to-do list is generated from those goals. Some goals are huge like “Get healthy” and others are a one item to-do list.
2. Disciplinarian holds client accountable for those goals. This involves communication, scheduling meetings, and updates.
3. The severity of the discipline is married to success of achieving those goals.

Everyone can benefit from having a coach. The world’s top achievers have coaches. As a life coach, I don’t always tell you what to do, but I do expect you to stay accountable for the goals that you set for yourself. As humans, we all have a need to progress, to create meaning in our lives. My meaning is helping people succeed, and helping them correct course when they don’t.

ATS: Is your enjoyment for administering real discipline connected to the coaching? What is it about this aspect of spanking that attracts you?

Juliette: It’s the connection that I crave. There’s a give and take that can only happen during an OTK spanking.

ATS: You lead the FetLife group Professional Disciplinarians and Life Coaches. How is this going? Are Disciplinarians and clients better able to communicate and share ideas given this group?

Juliette: It’s going great, but I’d like to see more involvement from the client side. I think most Disciplinarians are natural communicators.

ATS: Like you, I grew up in the South where spanking was part of the culture, and expected. Aside from spanking friends as a kid, what other things did you do to engage or entertain your interest?

Juliette: There are things to do other than spanking?

ATS: Fair enough, Miss Juliette. You began honing your skills at a young age. Moving on now. There are many positions in which to place a spankee to access the “target.” Which are your favorites? Why?

Juliette: OTK is my favorite. I like the connection and feedback I get from that. However, it’s limiting in terms of leverage. So, I will often sit upon a squirmy spankee, which tends to keep them in line. I’ve also been known to grapevine legs to keep them exactly where I want them. One of my favorite positions involves placing the spankee’s head between my calves, with the bottom raised high in the air. It’s a very submissive position to be in, and difficult to maintain. It’s not for everyone. In fact, I use it sparingly. It’s a privilege I’ve only offered a select few.

ATS: What are your favorite implements?

Juliette: I prefer wood above all else. It’s hard, unyielding and predictable.

ATS: For sure, Miss Juliette. A good spanking with a wooden implement leaves no doubt.

ATS: Many enthusiasts believe that a disciplinarian should know what each implement feels like, and experience a spanking with it. Although you are strictly a spanker, have you felt your implements? Could you elaborate on why or why not?

Juliette: I think that’s absurd. Does a heart surgeon need to have a heart attack to know how to operate? Does a therapist need to experience every form of tragedy to coach a client through theirs? Of course not. What a disciplinarian needs is a basic understanding of human anatomy, especially the specific location of kidneys, tailbones, and the difference between hip flesh and butt flesh. She needs a basic understanding of physics; where to stand when delivering a paddling to ensure even application. How a cane works. How to hold a belt to keep it from whipping around and bruising hip flesh, or heaven forbid, hip bone. She needs a certain amount of physical stamina to lift her arm over and over and over again for each individual swat, especially for an OTK spanking, where gravity is not on her side. She needs to be observant, to see if her spankee is in the right emotional state. She needs to be a good listener because every client is a different person with different needs. And most importantly, she needs a heightened state of self awareness. No two clients receive the same spanking, but I still spank the way I want to. It’s a balancing act, my needs and their needs. A disciplinarian has to know when to finish. A spanking, a session, or an arrangement.

ATS: Have you done videos? Any plans to do so? Where might one see or obtain these?

Juliette: Ha! You wish. No videos. Never. My privacy, and that of my clients is of utmost importance to me. Perhaps you think all sessions are ” Whack, Splat, Thanks for that” (I just made that up right now. Yes, I’m a genius). I have a few clients, many of whom are high profile, who book me for days on end, or longer. Now, don’t go getting any funny ideas, it’s just spanking, talking and eating. The last thing my clients need is to be seen at a restaurant with a well known Disciplinarian. They can introduce me to their friends, colleagues, or what-have-you, with complete confidence that their privacy will remain just that.

ATS: Do you travel away from your home to spank? Where do you go? Any plans to do so?

Juliette: I LOVE to travel. I have a few clients around world who fly me here and there for some proper discipline. I’ve been all over, but Dallas, Vegas, and Chicago tend to be my hot spots. I have plans to head to Kentucky for the first time coming up. I want to be clear about the fact that I don’t accept sessions with everyone who solicits me. I have a very narrow set of interests, and no amount of money will entice me to bow my boundaries. Having said that, I have been known to offer discounts, and even prepaid block sessions to those who have financial need, and show a commitment to improvement. I figure if we BOTH invest in your success, then we both succeed.

ATS: Do you remember the first adult spankings you gave? What were they like? Could you tell us about them?

Juliette: I do. They were epic. Tears and recriminations, and millions upon millions of encores.

ATS: Do your family and vanilla friends know what you do, and what do they think of it?

Juliette: The majority of my friends and family do. My mother – she is so funny. First, she’s a stunner. Beautiful, smart, and sweet. She suspected I was doing something off the beaten path (so to speak!), but had no idea what. She sat me down and told me she was a flower child, and didn’t mind if I was making love for money. Now normally I get really offended when someone calls me a whore, but Mama is a charmer. So after I dried my tears of mirth and thanked for the belly laugh, I explained to her that I am a Disciplinarian, which is kind of like a dominatrix, but without all that annoying leather and horse whips. In fact, I told her, I bill myself as a “rent-a-mom”.

As years went by, I was happy to indulge her curiosity. Finally, one coffee date, not too long ago, she told me a story about her short stint as a professional Disciplinarian. She was a taxi driver, back in the day, and a fare offered her an enormous sum of money to cap the trip off with a spanking at his place. Mama’s an open-minded soul, so she gave it a try. I have never been prouder of my Mama.

ATS: What do you like about spanking? Dislike?

Juliette: Everything. Nothing. I don’t think I understand the question. What is there to dislike about spanking? Other than it really makes me hungry afterwards. Hence the “no pictures/video rule” because I have to eat, and I prefer to eat without random strangers begging me for spankings. Which they would if they ever saw my face. I just have a face that makes people want to be spanked.

ATS: Is all of your work related to corporal punishment, or do you also practice broader aspects of BDSM? What might those interests be?

Juliette: I’m not into BDSM. I do, however, love a good foot massage, and I also have a few cuties who come clean my house, and wash my car for me. It’s been a while, but I’ve had a few transitioning clients. The focus with them is on spanking, but with different goals. Although, now that you bring it up, I look really good in leather pants. But I always wear a nice dress.

ATS: Miss Juliette, I imagine you look nice in anything you wear, and are quite effective when administering a spanking in any of it. Again, interested parties may contact you via your FetLIfe site or email.

Thank you again for your graciousness in granting this interview. “Keep those paddles popping!”

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Spank for your health

From the (UK):

Why bondage is a pastime ‘just like golf’: Spanking helps participants develop personal skills and creates a sense of adventure, say sociologists

… The study, led by Idaho State University, states: ‘A few recent studies have suggested that BDSM (bondage and discipline, dominance and submission) participation might provide important psychological and social benefits, such as feelings of pleasure or enjoyment, fun, an escape from the demands of everyday life, personal growth, improved relationships and self-expression.’ …

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Friday Frivolty

Edited (Oct 17, 2017): Original art by Dave Wolfe who does “WolfieToons!”. The signature had been removed by someone before All Things Spanking saw and reposted this piece.

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Wonder Women: The movie score (2017)

Susan Cheng is an entertainment reporter for Buzz Feed, and recently posted the following. Go, Wonder Woman, go!

There Are Actual Spanking Sounds In This Movie Score

Annnnnd it’s for a film about Wonder Woman.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, which premieres Oct. 13, is a film about Wonder Woman’s kinky, bondage-filled origins. …

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Well paddled

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Thursday Thoughts – Mark It Up

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts columns are archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria.

Question: May spanking enthusiasts enjoy seeing the marks left from a spanking, but … often … not for too long. Others want all the discomfort, but no marks. What are your thoughts for preventing marks while still “getting the job done” and for treating marks that do occur?

Ms. Victoria says: It’s a common request to minimize marks and bruising, not leave any at all, or create ones that will fade within a couple days. Most of the time, a real good spanking can be given to the point of intense, hot, and red without marking up a bottom. From experience, I know what implements and intensities are likely to create marks and bruising so this request is not difficult to grant. For example, if someone can’t have marks, the cane is out, lol. And my heavy rubber strap will almost always leave bruising. I do a lot of hand spanking and lighter implements for no-mark sessions and have never had a complaint that it wasn’t a true spanking experience with all the bells and whistles. Some bottoms mark or bruise easier then others so it’s also about being aware of what impact is being made throughout the spanking. As for treating marked sore bottoms, as I’ve said in a previous post, Arnica gel or cream works well 🙂

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