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Thursday Thoughts – Leather Butt

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts columns are archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria.

Question: Over the years, many spankees have commented on “leather butt” that arises after a spanking … harder skin that eventually peels. Not to be confused with a caste iron ass that seems to take anything applied with no reaction. Have you encountered leather butt, and what can be done to prevent and treat it?

Ms. Victoria says: Funny you mention leather butt as this just occurred yesterday during an intense spanking. What I told my client, and what I’ll say here is that it’s the body’s defense mechanism. Once the skin gets super thick, it takes a lot more to feel the spanking. I usually call it a wrap soon after, and rightfully so, as it takes quite a bit of spanking to get to that point. Continuing further seems to be a moot point. It’s worth mentioning that some bottoms are more prone to “leather butt” then others whereas the same impact of a spanking could give one person leather butt, and not another. Prevention….honestly I don’t know. Treatment, keeping it clean, and putting a soothing salve on would be helpful.

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Wonder Woman and kink

Arenike Adebajo recently published an article on discussing a “New Film [Professor Marston and the Wonder Women that] explores Wonder Woman’s origins in BDSM and feminist kink.” Many kinksters feel that femdom rules, and women can certainly administer a memorable spanking.

… Wonder Woman is one of DC Comic’s most iconic heroes. She’s more popular than ever after the record-smashing success of this year’s Wonder Woman movie. But not many people know about the character’s origins in BDSM and kink.

The sex-positive origins of Wonder Woman

If you’ve ever picked up any of the early edition comics, their raunchiness might come as a surprise. There’s spanking, sadomasochism, bondage and double entendres galore. …

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Thursday Thoughts – Playspace, playspace, wherefore art thou

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts columns are archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria.

Question: How do Disciplinarians who travel find hotels that accept the noise? What suggestions do you have about how to locate sound-safe play areas (aside from commercial dungeons, and private dungeons)?

Ms. Victoria says: It is very important to be as discreet as possible. When seeking play spaces in the form of hotel rooms, I find an upscale hotel that offers suites, book a top floor corner location with a separate bedroom, and play in there with the door closed.

I say upscale because the walls and windows will be adequately sound proofed.

Using this method I have never ever had a noise complaint in all my years as a traveling Spanker.

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Two-four-six-eight – This is a spanking you will hate

The latest from Sarah Gregory Spanking:

Aysel Zeeling plays a dancer who works in a strip club who gets caught performing in a cheerleader’s outfit by strip club owner Robert Shore. The naughty performer gets spanked for multiple infractions including her attitude and not following the club’s rules. She gets spanked OTK in the cheerleader’s outfit over her skirt, panties and on the bare bottom in “Aysel’s Attitude Adjustment ” at Cheerleader Spankings.

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Gr-ass court tennis

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A Spanking Party Fund-Raiser for Cancer

Samantha Jones is a London-based submissive switch who states that:

Corporal punishment is a way of life for me. I’ve enjoyed playing as a serious CP submissive lady for many years. More recently I’ve savoured the art of switching. Sharing is such fun … Experiencing butterflies in my stomach, my top lip and palms sweating in the knowledge I’m about to receive a jolly sound, old fashioned THRASHING is sublime. It’s my pleasure to share that amazing feeling with you. …

I have never met Samantha, but have communicated with her. She has always been cheerful and responsive. I encourage you to support Cancer Research UK (CRUK) on behalf of Samantha, and this cause. Cancer strikes far too many people, and continued research is essential.

A Party to Celebrate the Spanking Life of Samantha Jones

Samantha, much loved on the Scene, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and has asked for one last party where she can meet her friends and admirers for the last time, with lots of spanking fun and games. There are also many spanking aficionados who have not met Samantha, and this is a chance for them to come and see her in a real spanking party atmosphere.

Samantha does not want money, just contact, and she has asked that we raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK (CRUK). After deduction of costs, all money will go to them – the girls will not be claiming their usual fees, just working for expenses. We hope to raise at least £3,000 from the entrance fees and raffle. There will also be opportunities to donate directly to CRUK at the party and at

The party, coordinated by 2kings, but for every spanker in UK will be at the “Flying Dutchman” in Camberwell, Central London on August 17th at 1.00 PM.

The entrance fee is £110, which includes a cold buffet, and the fully licensed bar will be open throughout the party. Girls attending will be listed on our “Diary” page as they become known.

Bookings should be made through 2kings by emailing or to +44 07887 762477/07765 500633. Due to the nature of the event, prior booking is essential to maintain a secure door-list.

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One must drive safely or else

In this video from Northern Spanking, Paul Kennedy makes it clear that he will not tolerate unsafe driving.


Awaiting the arrival of his spouse at their vacation hotel, Paul is shocked to receive a series of photos from Lily clearly taken on her cell phone while driving to meet him. Lily was driving alone! Paul impresses upon Lily how ridiculously dangerous taking photos while driving is by giving her a thorough spanking followed by the strap across her bottom.

Link here to see more from this spanking video producer

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Friday Frivolity – Assume the position

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A cute spankable bum

Via now defunct Tumblr group – original source unknown

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Amelia Rutherford misbehaves

The folks at Firm Hand Spanking remain busy keeping their charges in line, and meting out discipline. The lovely Amelia Rutherford has run afoul of the rules … again … and she is required to endure a hair brush. It is a shame that her bodacious bottom must so suffer … or is it? Link here.

All-nude wooden hairbrush spanking leaves Amelia Rutherford’s bottom sore
The crack of a wooden hairbrush on the beautiful bare bottom of politician’s wfe Amelia
Rutherford means she’s driven Earl Grey to distraction again. Totally nude Amelia is
soundly spanked, the red marks of the hairbrush on her bottom and thighs clear evidence
of her ability to overstep the boundaries and the need for discipline.

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Miss Jenn Davis announces travel

Miss Jenn Davis has two upcoming trips going to Dallas in August & then Las Vegas for Shadow Lane.

Trip dates are:

Dallas, Aug 10 – 11th
Las Vegas, Aug 31 – Sep 3

If you would like a trip over her lap, it is best to contact her through her website:

For those of you that are not in one of those lucky cities, or her home city of Seattle, you can listen to some of her audio clips.  These can be either custom or pre-made, and can be obtained at:

You can also call her if you’d like to talk about spanking on the phone.  Contact her through her website if you’d like to know more about phone sessions.

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