May I have another?

An adorable picture from a post at Collected Submissions……kinky stuff for thinking deviants!

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Storms are coming

Source unknown

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The crop is ready

… now, who will she pick to receive it?

Source DelilahB on SpankNet

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Was Maria properly spanked?

Maria Sharapova recently returned to the women’s tennis tour after serving her suspension resulting from a positive test for a banned substance. Originally ordered to a 24 month suspension, Sharapova was successful in having it reduced to 15 months. I wonder if her delightful arse paid a price for her misbehavior?

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Gee, we knew this, right?

This article from OKCupid argues that BDSM is more popular than ever. I wonder if it is more popular, or just that things are much more open. With the advent of the internet, publication of mainstream books on various aspects of BDSM, and inclusion of BDSM practices in more TV shows and films, it is a logical conclusion that BDSM is more known to the general population and accepted. No longer are our preferences considered an “underworld” game engaged in by marginal personalities. People from all walks of life and professions practice this thing we do (TTWD). Sure, there are some bad apples, but that can be said for any activity. However, some of the most artistic, intelligent, creative, honest, and genuine folks I have met are fellow kinksters.

Kink Is More Popular Than You Think

OkCupid data shows BDSM is trending, with over 50% of daters today saying they’re into bondage

… according to our sample of 400,000 OkCupid members, 71% say they’re into kink. What’s more, over half say they’re into bondage or rough sex, and nowadays BDSM is a bigger turn-on than ever …

Link here to read it all.

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Her man is OTK and very sorry for misbehaving

That bottom will be bright red when she is finished!

Courtesy of Clare Spanks Men

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Caning in the great outdoors

Princess Ammy, a renowned Asian-based caner and disciplinarian, has announced plans for an outdoor event during her next visit to the UK. She posts:

A scream was heard deep in the woods. Looks like this event will happen. The private venue in North Kent has been found. It’s 100 pounds for up to ten people so 10 pounds each. I need volunteers who will organize the event for the afternoon of June 26. The idea is it’s for those people who are into outdoor play with a corporal punishment theme. My desire is tying someone to a tree and caning them. The ultimate would be six or more tied to separate trees. Any volunteers to be an organizer for this non profit event?

Follow the link for details.

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It is not only canes in Singapore

From the SouthChina Morning Post magazine:

Singapore’s Warehouse Hotel is naughty and nice, with a spanking paddle in every room, old-school menu and dazzling design

What is it? It’s a 37-room heritage prop­erty on the banks of the Singapore River. It’s also a distinctly fruity accommodation option for the Lion City, thanks to a history dating back to 1895, when the original warehouse was a godown, a hotbed of bootleggers and euphemistically named “underground activity” benefiting from access to the Malacca Strait. In the 1980s, it was home to The Warehouse nightclub.

Blimey! So how exactly does “fruity” translate in Singapore today? Well, “Minibars of Vice” in the rooms showcase Southeast Asian products in three categories: “Gluttony”, such as salted egg yolk crisps; “Vanity” for locally made beauty products; and “Lust” for naughty treats.

Such as? A peacock feather, a spanking paddle and black-out eye shades – why do you ask? …

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Spanking and mental health

Kate Sloan is a “sex journalist (, sex blogger (, and sex podcaster ( She likes puns, pink lipstick, and puncturing the patriarchy.”

In October, 2016, Kate published an article on The Establishment entitled “Spanking Is Essential To My Mental Health.” As spanking and BDSM become more open, the associated interrelationships of body and mind are written about much more often. This is a wonderful article that also references other thought provoking dialogues.

… So-called therapeutic spankings can seem weird, violent, and incomprehensible to “vanilla” outsiders looking in, but they help me. And I’m not the only one. … A new study out of Northern Illinois University recently confirmed what many kinksters already know: Participating in BDSM induces a pleasant, altered psychological state. …

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Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, OTK You Go

Source unknown

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Just after the turn of the century

… 109 years ago that is. Bottoms on display at a French burlesque show. I cannot make out the artist’s name at the lower right.

Found on Kinky Delight

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She has her man OTK

Found on Tumblr; artist unknown

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