Some humor for hump day

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A blast from the past

As we do from time-to-time, today we are taking a look back at this date (or close to it anyway) in the history of All Things Spanking.

2016 – When there is no doubt you are in trouble
2015 – Corner Time
2015 – Red rover, red rover, red buns all over
2014 – The Hunteress is captured
2013 – Spankable buns
2012 – Pixie gets a spanking
2012 – Keep your eye on the ball
2012 – A wicked hairbrush
2011 – A little help never hurts
2011 – The look says it all
2010 – The cane has landed
2010 – Self-spanking circa 1954
2009 – Oh, those paddlin’ Eli’s
2009 – Three crops in a row
2009 – The whippings will continue …
2009 – A lady’s gotta do …
2008 – Just a little relaxation?

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A word about housekeeping

All Things Spanking provides a free service to list Disciplinarians worldwide. We focus on those who engage almost exclusively on spanking, corporal punishment (CP), or domestic discipline as that is the niche we serve. Admittedly, some are listed who venture from that niche, but they have a specific CP expertise or unique style.

From time-to-time, we review the listings to assure the links are still active and pertinent. If not, we delete or amend the listing. As with any of us, Disciplinarians may change their web host, URL, etc. If that is done, and we do not know about it, a valid referral may be deleted. So, I ask that you help us and your fellow enthusiasts by alerting us to any missing Disciplinarians or by recommending people for inclusion on this list. We strive to list Tops, bottoms, or switches who so desire.

Thanks for your help, and ongoing readership.

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Today’s mantra

… or where is that paddle when I need it?

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Limp yet strong

From the (UK):

Kim Woodburn likes being spanked with lettuce leaves.

The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ star has admitted she likes spicing up her sex life with her husband Peter Woodburn, whom she married in 1979, and her favourite kinky move at the moment is being whipped across her bare bottom with the limp vegetable.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, she said: “I’m into lettuce leaves at the moment for a little smack on the bum, it’s rather nice you know.” …

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Never fear … Yes, I am near

I have been moving, and away from the internet for ten days or so. Hence, the blog is way, way behind. Now that I am settled, regular updates will again be posted. Thanks for your patience.

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Miss Jenn Davis Travels East

Seattle-based Disciplinarian Jenn Davis has announced plans to be in Nashville on April 4, and DC/Northern Virginia April 5 – 8. The Grand Ole Opry is in pretty good shape, but perhaps Miss Davis can straighten out the DC crowd? The again …

Miss Davis has limited availability, so the early bird gets the … ummmmmm, lap. Who could resist this lap? Oh, you see a hair brush? Where?

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Blasts from the past

As we do from time to time, this is a look back at this date (OK, maybe a day on either side of this date) in the history of All Things Spanking. Enjoy.

2016 – Thou shalt behave and follow the rules
2015 – She has that determined look
2015 – They are so pleased with their handiwork
2014 – A spankable bottom
2013 – She does not look happy
2013 – Ready for a spanking
2012 – Pervertibles on aisle 6
2012 – A thorough caning
2012 – Oh, my, I seem to have forgotten something
2011 – OK, let’s get this over with
2011 – Rubbing it out
2010 – Baseball season
2010 – Another soccer team, or buns galore
2009 – Communication is the key
2008 – Bound and posed for action
2007 – The pic says it all
2007 – Is this a happy ending …

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A Femdom’s mantra

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She is looking for you

… and you better not keep her waiting! There is little doubt that this lady can blister your arse quite effectively.

Source unknown

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Thirty-six on the bare for Pandora

Among the latest releases from Firm Hand Spanking, we read that:

Pandora Blake takes a bare bottom birching for her friend, Amelia Rutherford, to prevent Amelia from being punished again. Lying over a wooden frame at the foot of the stairs, Pandora’s bare buttocks are presented for 36 strokes with a birch rod despite Amelia’a frantic pleas to let her off in Maid for Discipline. This video presents hot discipline that is witnessed by Amelia!

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Buns on the beach

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