Clyster and cane

It appears that these ladies will be subjected to a thorough cleaning before they are caned. The medical gowns make all necessary areas readily accessible.

Via Tumblr (The Penitents)

From Firm Hand Spanking, we read that Belinda Lawson’s delicious jiggling globes are set bouncing red by Richard Anderson after she messes up the day’s schedule and does not take notes. The remedy to improve Belinda’s memory is a potent spanking.


Today’s entry was found on the web at large, and should be titled T & A. The site is unknown as is the original source. Her beautiful ass likely deserves a spanking for teasing us this way. What do you think?


Punished Brats has posted a nostalgic look back at one of its earliest videos with Pixie Wells as a cheerleader and David Pierson as the disciplinarian. Their post includes the following photo and several others from the video.

… Pixie plays a sassy cheerleader who thinks she can talk her way out of suspension from the team by suggesting a few quick spanks. But Pixie is taught a hard lesson in humility with a firm over the knee spanking and later, a paddling. During the paddling scene you will see Pixie (buns of steel) Wells break an oak paddle with her bottom. …


Wow, that is one big … ummmm … paddle. This lady is holding a large Spencer style paddle that could undoubtedly inflict a serous spanking on anyone. Well, to be precise, the lady not the paddle would do the inflicting, but she also looks quire capable. any takers? Found on Tumblr (MomDomme).


Each of these ladies makes sure her target knows precisely where to go. Neither will tolerate any delay, and they both hold impressive weapons of ass destruction. Those souls about to be spanked had better get in position quickly!


Count me in

I saw this on deMandie Rae’s Twitter feed (@dammitpunk), and just had to repost it. I have been awake long hours as I work to better All Things Spanking, and to do other things. You know, basic chores. Man (or woman) cannot live on coffee alone. Or, can they?


Another Saturday of college football is upon us, and cheerleaders everywhere must be on their game. Anyone who does not yell with enthusiasm or who errs in a performance routine will be spanked by the head cheerleader.

Found on Nikki Swatt (@nikkiswat)

OTK spanking

This entry is courtesy of Clare Fonda’s Spanked Call Girls, and shows Miss Chris beginning to spank someone. Miss Chris is a prolific and focused spanker who can deliver a solid hand spanking (so I’m told!). I am sure the young lady over Miss Chris’ lap will be well attended to, and very sorry for the behavior that led to her spanking.