Some never learn

… so Chelsea Pfeiffer must continue to take folks over her knee for a good butt blistering. Her hand is smacking down on this lady’s rump as the current spanking begins. Those panties will soon be down, and a blubbering, sore girl will likely be the result. Maybe, just maybe she will learn her lesson this time. One can hope, yes? Or, maybe she does not want to behave?

Via Good Spanking at Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment

Spanking A to Z Challenge

June brings on a new A to Z challenge wherein each consecutive day will be dedicated to the next letter in the alphabet. This year I thought I would do something that is most appreciated by me,and that is to recognize peop-le in the community who have helped make All Things Spanking successful. I dearly hope I don’t forget anyone as we go through the ABCs. If I do, I apologize upfront, and they can spank me! Here we go:

Amber Pixie Wells who is now retired from in front of the camera at Punished Brats, but has been instrumental in providing quality material for many years not to mention her thought-provoking blog posts at her site.

Alex Reynolds and Amelia Jane Rutherford (Ariel Anderssen) who are quality spanking models and have appeared in many videos and pictures that hav ebeen enjoyed by my readers.

This day in the history of All Things Spanking

We re-visit our posts from this day in the past.

2014 – You will be spanked
2013 – Too much paddling fun
2013 – Chelsea Pfeiffer chastises
2012 – Crepes and spanking
2011 – Seeing red … and redder
2010 – Paddled and caned
2009 – OK, who deserves the spanking here?
2008 – Think Green
2007 – Discipline called for

A proposal for spanking awards

Would spanking related awards similar to the Emmy’s be in order? I realize that several sites already do awards, but would other recognition be appropriate? The Spankees would be voted on by the people, of course. What would the categories be? The following might be repesentative of the statue earned.

Photo first snagged from The Spanking Writers, a now archived blog by Abel Jenkins

Memorial Day in the United States

Today is Memorial Day in the USA, a day when we pause to remember and honor those men and women who gave their lives preserving the freedoms and privileges we enjoy, those who suffered life altering physical or emotional injuries, and all who did serve or who are curently serving. We also embrace and honor their children and families. We proudly present the Armed Forces Medley as performed at the 2010 National Memorial Day Concert. The emcee is Gary Snise.

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