Anything worth doing is worth doing well

That adage applies to online work done for someone, and applying heat to the the seat when said work is less than specified.


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Target identified

She has identified him as her target, and is establishing the range. Soon, the paddle will be fired toward the target and land with a resounding smack and ferocious sting. This will be repeated multiple times until she is convinced her message has been received and understood.


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Do not drink when underage

In Punished By Brother at Sarah Gregory Spanking, Lexi Ellis is not yet 21 years old. Yet, she has been caught drinking. Her older brother is furious when she asks him to pick her up from jail, hoping it’ll be better than calling their parents. Nonetheless, he picks her up and decides to give her a very hard spanking as a punishment. Lexi is spanked OTK on the bare bottom and even gets a hairbrush spanking.


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She is teaching him how to do the dishes

… and it is obvious he still has much to learn.


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More spanking in the press

2012. Photographer John Warren.

2012. Photographer John Warren.

Well, folks, spanking, our favorite kink, has made another appearance in the press. We are becoming more recognized, more accepted, and better understood by the day. And many of the articles are written by respected journalists and performers such as Australian actress and writer Vanessa de Largie who penned an article for The Huffington Post’s blog. Follow the link to read it all.

Please Spank Me!

Nothing soaks my panties more than a good spanking. Well that’s half-true, except I don’t wear panties. But if I did wear panties, I’m sure they would be soaked right through.

I’ve been a no-knickers girl for 20 years, but this blog post isn’t about my underwear status; it’s about spanking. So let’s begin. …

A survivor of domestic violence, Vanessa’s book, Don’t Hit Me, has won awards and is a factual narrative of her abusive relationship. It is available at numerous book stores and e-book vendors as listed on her blog.

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She thinks the paddle she holds will work nicely

I think she is correct. Actually, several of the paddles she had to choose from would do the job. All she is waiting for is someone to bend over.

Via Tumblr (Strict Schoolmistress Needed)

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This date over the years on All Things Spanking

Today we revisit posts made on October 6 in prior years. For the few years where we goofed off on October 6 and there is no post, we posted what was done on the 5th and 7th. Hey, that averages out to 6, yes?

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She is going to have so much fun


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Pure and simple – No description needed


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Red rover, red rover, send red buns right over

And she displays her qualifications as she scurries right over


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Product of the year, or rear?

Via Table Note:

Butt-shaped lamp lights up when you give it a spanking

screenshot-note taable com 2015-10-02 12-52-07

Read it all here

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Love those jeans


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