She is not happy

… so you had better get over that inviting lap very quickly.

Via Tumblr (Strict Schoolmistress Needed)

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A panty tease

… and spankable buns.

Via Tumblr (Bad girls need good spankings)

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Well laid stripes

Source unknown

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Work those buns


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Today’s Stockroom special

A slut paddle for your enjoyment. Check it out here. 2015-11-11 13-25-05

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Lexan stings and burns

Via Tumblr – original source unknown

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A class for Dommes

Another article on a writer’s exploration of and possible entry into the “scene.” Jillian Richardson initially published this on Narratively. Read all of the article here. 2015-11-09 22-03-36

I was definitely at the right address. Tara Indiana, a professional dominatrix, emailed it to me earlier that day. Yet all I could see was the back entrance to a Japanese restaurant and some kitchen workers on their smoke break. There was no way that the sex dungeon I was looking for was in a sushi restaurant…right? Then again, what did I know about sex dungeons? I’d only started exploring kink two weeks earlier, and now here I was searching the back of a sushi restaurant for the sign of the class I’d signed up for, “Secrets of the World’s Greatest Dominatrix.”

“You looking for Cyn Studios?” asked one of the men, startling me. I nodded, and felt my confidence increase just a tiny bit; if this stranger could possibly imagine me in a room filled with whips and floggers, maybe I wasn’t so lost after all. …

Jillian Richardson is a freelance writer and comedian. If you shout her name three times, she’ll appear in your mirror. Otherwise, you can stalk her on Twitter @thatjillian and email her at

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Self spanking

It looks like this lady at Punished Brats has been well-spanked perhaps with the very bath brush she is now wielding. Her punishment is not over, however, as she has been directed to deliver a thorough self-spanking. From her expression, she is laying on the strokes with vigor. Of course, her bottom is already red, raw, and welted.


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Spanking Awards – 2015

Triple AAA Spanking sponsors the annual spanking industry awards, and has announced the opening of the 2015 nomination process. The following is Triple AAA’s announcement.

Spanking Awards 2015 Nominations now open! (also announced on FetLife)

It’s that time of year… please retweet/share this, let people know and visit the blog to see the entire easy nomination process, this is ahead of voting. Some people etc got missed out last year as they didn’t get nominated, don’t make that mistake again, folks!

You can enter a nomination by:

1. Leaving a reply on FetLife or
2. Leaving a reply via the blog comments field or
3. Emailing Triple AAA directly at and title it “Award Nominees”

You can nominate as few or as many in the chosen categories as you like.

Nominations close on November 30th and voting will take place throughout the month of December as you are invited to vote on a few categories at a time… all will become clear.

For a list of last years top placed peeps etc GO HERE

Categories for 2015 are:

*Spanking blog – News style
*Spanking blog – Creative
*Best Spankee Facial Expression (this is always fun and popular)
*Best Spanking newcomer
*Female Spanker
*Male Spanker
*Female Spankee
*New – Spankee Lifetime Award
*New – Producer Lifetime Award
*Most Improved Spanking Site 2015
*Best Spanking Site 2015

*(Producers Only…. contact Triple AAA if they don’t contact you before end of November) – They want want you to consider your best spanking film released between Nov 2014 until end of October 2015 on your site of choice. Triple AAA will contact you with a brief synopsis and helpful images to be sent to my email address so they can show these for voting.

Have fun!!! 🙂

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A judicial caning

… is in process. The matron is administering the ordered number of strokes. It is clear that she has been trained in the proper manner to assure that each stroke does its job. Her power and strength are obvious as she strides into each devastating stroke.

Via Tumblr (Original source unknown)

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The cane has spoken

Buffy Brown is a UK-based disciplinarian who swings a slashing cane among other implements. She recently shared, on her blog, this result of a judicial caning she administered. Breathtaking and awesome is all I can say. Oh, and be careful what you wish for.


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Did Portia’s paddle propel

… the Kansas City Royals to reign supreme in the World Series? Their first championship in thirty years.

Courtesy of Portia Spanks KC

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