A review of the Heart Attack Grill

The Zagat reviewers recently visited the Heart Attack Grill to review and rate the fare. The comments are priceless as are the spanking scenes near the end of the video. Follow the link to see and hear it all.

Why Would You Eat There?: Burgers and Spanking at the Heart Attack Grill
By Zagat Staff
December 15, 2014

In Sin City, there’s a place where burgers are bigger than your arm, fries are cooked in lard, and if you’re 350+ lbs you eat for free. These Heart Attack Grill nurse-waitresses will prescribe 9,000-calorie burgers, but if you don’t take your medicine, be ready for the consequences!

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As they say, eat every carrot and pea on your plate

Spanking and educational game

From the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) website:

This Video Game Teaches Its Players About Spanking And Consent

Finally, a video game that may start to undo all the damage that “Grand Theft Auto” has done. (Maybe.) Hurt Me Plenty — an interactive, online game now available for free download — teaches you how to engage in BDSM practices safely. All you need is a trackpad. …

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Celebrity Spanking

Oh, those Kardashians are naughty.

Kendall Jenner gets spanked by Santa in racy Love magazine video

IS KENDALL Jenner trying to outdo her big sister Kim Kardashian?

If her latest raunchy video is anything to go by, the answer is definitely yes.

The 19-year-old has turned up the heat by appearing in a raunchy video that shows her getting spanked by Santa. …

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