Well caned

Sarah Spanks Men is a relatively new site, and it looks like the ladies will not tolerate any misbehavior or disrespect. This chap has surely regretted his misdeeds judging from the stripes on his bum. It must have stung ferociously when administered, and he will feel the effect for some time to come.

Note: Follow link to Spanking Sarah and scan down the page to the Sarah Spanks Men icon

Do not dally

The lady speaks: “I want you over here now. I want you to strip. I want you to lean over the fence behind me, and rise so you are on your tiptoes. I am going to stripe your ass with my cane. Got it? Good, GET MOVING!”

Via Tumblr (My Fantasie)

… is not just used when the horse needs a nudge. I assure you that if your behavior does not change – and change quickly – I shall show you how effectively I can swing this thing. It will be impressive, I can guarantee that. Now, shape up, or strip!

Original source unknown

Amber Pixie Wells of Punished Brats does not look pleased as she prepares a naughty girl’s derriere for a severe dose of the hairbrush. I have no doubt that Pixie will get to the bottom of this situation quite quickly, and that the results will be memorable.


This lady shows off both her delightful, well striped ass, and the cane that caused those stripes. If she is not careful, further caning will occur, and more intense welting result.


It looks like a beautiful day for a paddling in the back yard. This lady is perfectly positioned for stinging swats of the paddle. I imagine she will soon regret her misbehavior.

Via Tumblr (razrstrpr) – the original source is unknown as is the model although I believe this photo is from a number of years back

Sunday Sites

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In addition, I have launched a new page entitled Switches-Bottoms that lists individuals willing to submit to a spanking, or who switch. Those who switch are also listed on the Disciplinarians-Coaches page. I hope this helps you in your search to give or receive a warm bottom. And don’t forget our Traveling-Spankos page that lists where spanking enthusiasts will be when away from their home base. If you want to nominate anyone or a website for linkage from All Things Spanking, please email me.

Remember to “Keep Those Paddles Popping!”

Many folks have enjoyed the antics of the girls at Punished Brats especially the ever precious Pixie Wells. David Pierson’s spankings have also been a thing to behold. PB is in danger of shutting down as a result of falling support. They have set a date by which support either has increased, or new material will cease to be shot. It would be a shame to see this wonderful producer of spanking material go away. If you’re inclined, hop over to their site and help them out.

Via Punished Brats Blog

In light of the Adrian Peterson controversy, there seems to be a renewed national debate on the merits and place of spanking. All Things Spanking steadfastly rejects the notion of spanking children and abuse in any manner by anyone. We debated posting an editorial on the subject, but then saw this piece by Jillian Keenan, a freelance writer, who often writes on sex and scene related issues. This article that appeared in Slate is well done. We urge you to read it.