She wants you now

… and you had better not keep The Hunteress (Cassie Hunter) waiting. She is a determined, powerful disciplinarian who knows perfectly well how to apply all implements to a bare bottom with maximal intensity. The hairbrush she holds will inflict considerable sting and discomfort. When you view Cassie on Captured By The Hunteress, you will have no doubt about her ability.


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She is encouraging him

… to change his behavior, and the paddle is assuring her that the message is truly delivered. There is no messing around in her delivery as the paddle is raised high. It will be rapidly lowered until it smacks his ass with a resounding crack that leaves no doubt as to its effectiveness.

Via Tumblr (Sans titre)

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An imposing presence

This lady’s pose is quite commanding, and immediately suggests that this is not a good time to mess with her. She appears to be tall, fit, and fully capable of achieving a severe application of that crop. You can bet your ass on that.

Original source and name of lady unknown

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ATVOD’s misguided mission explained to Lady Bear

Ariel Anderssen wrote and acted in a superb short video entitled If We Can Do It, Let Us View It that explores the insanity in the UK’s porn censorship regulations. This was filmed by Restrained Elegance, the production studio owned by Ariel and her husband, Hywell Phillips.

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UPDATE: Ariel Anderssen blogged today (August 6, 2015) on the background of If We Can Do It, Let Us View It, and how it came to be. She also articulates some of her feelings about the UK’s regulations and ATVOD. Read it here

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Paddle ball on the beach

… or assume the position, and I will be there in a moment. Do not let a wave knock you over. A little salt water should dampen that bottom just right to really intensify the sting.

Original source unknown

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Pandora Blake announces that Dreams of Spanking will likely go offline

Pandora-glamourAs many of you know, and we have posted, The Authority for Television On Demand (ATVOD) has been reviewing Pandora Blake’s excellent video production company Dreams of Spanking. ATVOD is the UK’s censorship organization for regulating on-demand services such as pay-per-view. UK legislation that became effective in December 2014 extended ATVOD’s reach to a number of additional activities deemed too extreme, and that would require considerable front end protections before being allowed. Spanking is on the list. The subject material is not banned from being viewed in the UK provided it is in compliance just banned from being produced. Some larger producers have moved their production out of the UK. Others have closed voluntarily. Pandora chose not to compromise the core values established for Dreams of Spanking, and she stayed to fight as a visible advocate pushing for change in the regulations. For her efforts, she is one of the first organizations targeted by ATVOD.

Yesterday, Pandora announced on her Twitter feed that ATVOD’s Final Determination has been received, and it is likely that Dreams of Spanking will disappear later in August. Membership sales have now been closed. ATVOD’s decision is subject to appeal. All Things Spanking is saddened that it has come to this, and dismayed by the UK’s regulations. 2015-08-05 18-24-08

See also:

[Updated August 8, 2015]: Pandora further discusses this situation on her blog post entitled When the axe falls.

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She is not happy

… after being spanked by one of the disciplinarians at Northern Spanking. Perhaps she is also embarrassed as the neighbors could have heard the swats landing and her cries since this punishment occurred outside.


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For the neophyte

lane-moore0Lane Moore is the sex & relationships editor at She recently weighed in with the following guide for beginners. Folks, consensual adult spanking is becoming more mainstream and accepted every day. Let’s get those hands, paddles, and straps cracking!

A Beginner’s Guide to Rough Sex: i.e. How to ask him to be rougher (but not a psychopath) in bed.

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You think my bottom needs some color?

How about if I just get a sun tan, and not a spanking tan? Would do the same thing, right?


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Another spanking is administered

Dana Kane Spanks another naughty girl, and raises a red hue on the girl’s bottom by hand alone. This will become quite intense as Dana progresses to her potent implements.

Courtesy of Dana Kane Spanks

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She wants to know if it fits

I would submit that it fits perfectly especially if she is required to bend over for twelve of the best. What say ye?

Via Tumblr (Truth & Consequences)

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