A discussion on “ethical porn”

pandora-blakeThe Guardian has posted the following that features Pandora Blake, owner of Dreams of Spanking. Pandora does an excellent job of discussing her attitudes and approach in creating the spanking videos and materials she produces. Well done, Pandora!

Is there such a thing as ethical porn?

They mainly call it ethical porn, though some people call it “fair trade”. The term “free range” was essayed, but its agricultural connotations have proved too strong. “It’s the kind of porn you would buy in Waitrose,” is how D, 40, described it. He is one of the boyfriends and sometime co-star of Pandora Blake, 29, who runs a site called Dreams Of Spanking.

“You’re making the audience into better people?” I asked him.

“No,” D replied, “you’re allowing them to be the nice people they already are, and not have to compromise that to watch some porn.” …

[UPDATE: Nov 2, 2014 – Nimue Allen also participated in the original interviews used to produce this article. She posted her observations about the article on her blog Nimue’s World.]

Hold still Miss

… while I give your booty a boot as you place your merchandise in the boot. Why you ask? Well, for starters because you dared to go out in such attire. Or, might we say out of some attire … panties to wit. Your pale cheeks will soon be blushing.


More paddling at the Heart Attack Grill

Follow this link to see a number of short clips on Tout of @SpankingNurse delivering swats at The Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas. The camera is focused on the faces of the spankees, but you can see the nurse (waitress) after the swats are delivered and you can hear them. They sound solid, and the faces tell the tale of how the patrons react. We do not recommend a steady diet of this fare (the food that is not the paddling). But, almost anything is OK to try at least once. Now the caveat: Check with your doctor (you do have a kink friendly doc?) before ingesting this type of food. Alright, do I need a paddling for that caveat?

She misbehaved

… and was placed in a perfect position to receive stinging lashes of the strap. Do you think she has been sufficiently chastised, or should she have received more?

Courtesy of a friend (but I did not spank her)