Pandora prepares for the paddle

It looks like Pandora Blake (Dreams of Spanking) has mouthed off once too often. She is about to be soundly paddled, and I doubt those shorts will mitigate the sting too much. Of course, we fully expect the shorts to be discarded at some point so that Pandora’s adorable bum is bared for some full force swats.


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The cane has done its job

… and impressed upon yet another bottom the error of its ways. This bottom shall surely smart for a bit, and hopefully be smarter about its behavior. Funny how welts like this can do that.

Via Tumblr (Spanking Naughty)

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Now he is in trouble

He broke her paddle, and must now pay the price.


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Red head red bottom

The ladies at Punished Brats continue to receive very well earned spankings for their misdeeds and sassiness. No one is immune, and it seems that all the girls eventually end up with bare, red bottoms. The following recaps a recent episode.

Dark Dance Of The Heart: Painful Parting – Part 1

Joelle [Barros] discovered that Bianca was having an affair with a young man in town, behind her back. She decided that it was time to return to New York and end her time with the lovely red head. When informed of this, Bianca exclaimed “You bitch, you can’t leave me!” Joelle then demonstrated what a bitch she could be and took her now former lover over her lap for a spanking. Using both hand and wooden paddle to make sure that this parting would be epically painful.


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There is no doubt what she is about


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Buns of steel


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Another old time mag

Remember the days before the internet when we had to buy spanking magazines at the adult book store? Many good ones were published.


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Seen on the street

Off topic, but good for a chuckle. Or, telling it like it is.


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Panty time



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She has the paddle

… and you had best just grin and bare it.

Via Tumblr (Naughty Little Boy)

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Sarah punishes

At Sarah Spanks Men, the punishments always reflect the crime. In one of the recent videos, Sarah administers precisely what is call for and with significant severity. Woe unto anyone who crosses Sarah.

JAMES TAWSED AND CANED – James has now had what Sarah considers to be a real good warming up on his bare bottom. She wants to get down to the serious punishment now. Sarah first bends him over, and uses her heavy scottish tawse on his bottom. Jamrs hates this, and is almost crying. Then it’s time for the cane. He does not know how to behave, and Sarah has to keep lengthening his punishment. He gets it slow then really fast and hard on his bottom.


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July twenty-something in the history of All Things Spanking

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2012 – A lexan paddle
2011 – Tight
2010 – It’s time for performance reviews
2009 – Rihanna gets her man
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2008 – Marge gets her man
2007 – Can you canoe?

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