The blur of the cane

I submit that this woman can administer a memorable caning that would clearly impart the intended message to its victim.


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Dealing with consensual play

Mistress Matisse is a respected Seattle-based Dominatrix who often writes about sex positive issues and sex worker rights, and is a prolific Tweeter on those and related topics. She is also quite adept at explaining broad-based BDSM issues. The following article by Mistress Matisse recently appeared in The Frisky. It approaches consent from an overall BDSM perspective, but the concepts can be easily extrapolated for use in spanking, domestic discipline, or CP relationships. After all, those are components of BDSM. 2016-01-08 22-48-15
Screenshot from The Fisky. Read the article here.

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Beautiful — that is all

Via GoodShit

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A paddle for every bottom


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A blast from the recent past

While Pixie Wells has retired now, this shot from early in her career is a wonderful reminder of how stellar a spanking model she was. David Pierson looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his “chore” of spanking Pixie. Punished Brats was fortunate to have someone of Pixie’s caliber as a model, producer, and writer. Do not fret, though. The ongoing models and behind the camera talent at Punished Brats remains at a high level. Link here to see.

Amber Pixie Wellss and David Pierson oldie

Edit/Update: After posting the above, All Things Spanking learned that Pixie finished first in the Spanking Blogg’s Lifetime Achievement category for spankee. Our congratulations to Pixie and also to Leia Ann Woods and Erica Scott who finished second and third respectively.

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Rosie gets a workout

The folks at AAA Spanking are hard at work producing quality videos for your entertainment. I think you will agree that Rosie has assumed a unique position that is captured in the photo below. Although her panties have yet to be removed, it is clear that she has a very spankable bottom. Don’t miss any of the action. Link here.

Young Rosie was in training and asked her coach to give her some unique reminders in strength building and holding poses while on the gym horse. She wanted to see if she could endure pain and embarrassment in various positions whilst carrying out her routine. If she could overcome this each time then performing without the distraction would make her a winner. We think Rosie is an absolute star, watch her get spanked and paddled in a variety of different, awkward and very revealing positions – another film taken from our “Exercise Discipline” series.


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Spanking activities are more and more open

Starting off with reference to the most recent spanking story (can we even say it is a scandal?) in British political circles, this article in The Telegraph (UK) by Rebecca Reid addresses the “mainstreaming” of spanking. It makes me think back to a discussion I had with a friend years ago. I confided my kink to her. She understood, but also warned me about sharing as “you can never tell anyone else since that is such a forbidden practice.” She promised to zip her lips, and did. Back then, also, any reading about spanking had to come from poorly printed newspaper style or glossy magazines available only in adult stores. I’m sure, we all have anecdotes from the “good ole days.” As they say, though, we’ve come a long way, baby!

Read the entire Telegraph article here. 2016-01-06 10-49-17

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She is into it

All Things Spanking and other blogs have posted about the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. This restaurant’s cuisine will blow your diet up to Uranus, but would be a fun stop in Sin City. If you do not finish your massive burger, the waitress can (and typically will especially if you admit your interest) administer a solid paddling. We recently saw a picture of a Grill patron receiving his swats, and it certainly looks like the waitress is both enjoying her task and well qualified.


See also:

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Off Topic: Not spanking but more damaging?

Harley-imageFrom Broadly, we read an interesting article by Jessica Placzek. All Things Spanking does not recommend turning over such control to a third party, but if it’s your thing proceed very, very cautiously.

A New Kind of Kink: Data Domination

Mistress Harley is a tech dominatrix. Instead of dominating bodies, she dominates online life. This includes bank accounts, emails, social media and porn. The potential impact of a session with her can last longer than any bruise. …

Read it all here

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Sass will get a red ass

In “Attitude Ass Whooping” on Sarah Gregory Spanking, Lily Swan plays a sassy stripper who has been a complete bitch to everyone in the club. She is called into the manager’s office where Robert Shore tells her off and then tells her to submit to a spanking or lose her job. Lily has no option but to lie across the table for a hand spanking then get onto all fours for the strap. This is a hard punishment of a sexy and very toned spanking model.


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A shift in our listings

otk-cartoon-fmHistorically, one of the most frequented pages on All Things Spanking has been our listing of Disciplinarians. Previously, we listed switches and bottoms on a separate page. Switches have now been consolidated to the disciplinarians page with a parenthetical comment to the right of the listing that an individual will “switch.” If the listing does not indicate a switch, please do not embarrass yourself or the Disciplinarian by pursuing that with them. Not stating that they switch is equivalent to saying “no” and “no means no” in the adult spanking world just as it does in many other arenas.

We believe that this consolidation will make it easier to find like-minded individuals as it reduces the number of places you need to look and streamlines the listing. As with anything we do, please email us if you have comments, suggestions, or would like to nominate someone for inclusion on the list.

Also, please use discretion and safe, sane, consensual (SSC) practices when playing. Safety in all its forms always comes first.

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A new year but the spankings continue

Zooey’s Special Audition: AAA Spanking came across this amazing young lady almost by accident at Fetishcon 2015. “Beautiful BDSM lifestyler, Zooey, makes her stunning debut to round off an incredible year at AAA & ushers in a new era for 2016. This was a very special audition to see just how much pain she said she could process. … This was indeed a hard, severe test that most girls would be unable to take during this 18 minute video.”


Link here to read and see more, and to access AAA Spanking’s full menu.

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