Amy opens up

We previously posted that Madonna spanked Amy Schumer on stage, and that the she also spanked Anderson Cooper (on a different night might we clarify). Now, Amy has admitted that the swats from Madonna on her panties were …well, just marvelous. After all, who would not want to be spanked by the Queen of Pop?

I promise not to bore you with a nightly list of who the Material Girl spanks either on or off stage. The list is likely long and growing. But, this latest revelation makes it three stories in the current series, and that seems like a nice, crooked number for our purposes.

Emmy Winner Amy Schumer Says Getting Spanked by Madonna Was ‘the Best Night of My Life’

… The comedian, sporting a strapless Zac Posen gown, recently opened for three of Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour shows in NYC, where she flashed her underwear, twerked, and received a spanking from the Queen of Pop herself. …

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When the spanking is done

… it is always nice to comfort the recipient, and confirm they understand. However, always keep the paddle nearby as this gent has done just in case the message was not fully delivered.


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Madonna and spanking

A few days ago, we posted that Madonna spanked Amy Schumer on stage. The Material Girl has now taken that act to a new level by making it part of her show during this current tour. Follow this link or the title link below to read more via The Advocate, and see a short clip of the action.

WATCH: Madonna Spanks Anderson Cooper on Stage

Madonna gleefully made CNN anchor Anderson Cooper her “bitch” during her performance last night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The moment is a new tradition for the queen of pop on her Rebel Heart Tour. Before performing her track “Unapologetic Bitch” each night, Madge pulls one member of the audience on stage to dance with her before giving the chosen “unapologetic bitch” a spanking as well as a banana. …

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Scene on the street redux

This lady is out for a casual stroll walking her dog. She had better clean-up after the dog, or those buns may meet a paddle as they should for leaving a mess. Do we have any volunteers to staff the poodle poop paddle police patrol?

Source unknown

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Something for every tush

Tools of the trade,
Hanging on the wall.
Do not misbehave,
You will feel them all.

Via Consensual Spanking

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She cannot believe what she is reading about you

… and is looking at you with a sly smile. Her next words will be “Strip, get the paddle, come here, and drape yourself over my lap.” She is probably glad that she dressed so that she can provide a solid leg lock to hold you in place while she paddles your bottom.

Via Tumblr (Strict Schoolmistress Needed)

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Say it ain’t so


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He was addling for a paddling

… and she was all too happy to oblige. It looks like she has a good start on a very effective spanking. Just in case the paddle does not do the trick, she has a sturdy hairbrush at the ready on the table to the right of the screen. There is no doubt who will win this battle.


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Oh, that Material Girl

From Entertain This! USA Today:

Amy Schumer got a spanking, onstage, from Madonna

When we found out that Amy Schumer was opening for Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour in New York’s Madison Square Garden, we had a feeling the duo would provide a memorable evening. We weren’t wrong.

[Link to see the Video via Daily Mail]

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For your formal crop needs

… we present two ladies who would be only too pleased to stripe your bottom. Each is dressed more formally in their chosen style. Any takers? Which would you choose?

The identity of each lady is unknown as is the original source.


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She does not look happy

Irelynn Logeen of Northern Spanking quite clearly expresses her attitude related to this current predicament. Her bottom is already red, and it looks like she has not yet reached the end of her spanking. Irelynn, might I suggest that glaring will only make the spanker more daring. Perhaps it is best to just “grin and bare it.”


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A look back on this day

As we do on occasion, this is a look back at posts on All Things Spanking from September 17 over the years. Well, there is one year when we goofed off on September 17, so we look at September 16 for that year. I hope you enjoy.

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