Butt Bongo Seasonalized

Butt of course! ‘Jingle Butt’ video spreads cheer and takes a beating

… In “Jingle Butts,” a two-and-a-half-minute video by the envelope-pushing creative company Zulu Alpha Kilo, Spanish percussionist Jorge Perez of the jazz-fusion band PATAX gives new meaning to hitting the skins.

Dressed in holiday green and a knit cap and flanked by two human cymbal stands, Perez uses four taut tushes as bongos to turn the beat around. …

See the video here

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A look back at this day in our history (or close to it)

2014 – Pretty in pink
2013 – A swat for a shot
2013 – Next time do not wear ratty jeans
2012 – I double dare you to do it
2011 – When spanking, I aim to please
2010 – The Hunteress Paddles
2010 – A word for new spanking enthusiasts
2009 – Cuffed and spankable … ample buns!
2007 – A beautiful shot …
2007 – I have the perfect remedy …

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She is having so much fun


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Someone has been spanked

Original source unknown

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Off Topic: Sage Advice


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It is all in the jeans

… or genes? These ladies seem to heave been dealt a good set of genes at least as respects their collective derrieres. I submit that fabric will not have much effect on the sting of a paddle, but will serve as a nice target for the warm-up to a bare bottom session that will surely follow. Given that they are displayed over an outside device, I wonder if they are in a public hiking area or park where discovery of their plight might be at risk?

Original source unknown

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Supper is ready – Bon Appétit


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An OTK lexan spanking

Chelsea Pfeiffer takes one of her girls OTK, and firmly paddles her bottom with lexan. Note, also, the paddle on the table. Chelsea does not mess around. If you earn a spanking, it will be a full-force, bottom reddening, memorable event. Catch all of the action at Good Spanking.


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She is not happy

… so you had better get over that inviting lap very quickly.

Via Tumblr (Strict Schoolmistress Needed)

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A panty tease

… and spankable buns.

Via Tumblr (Bad girls need good spankings)

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Well laid stripes

Source unknown

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Work those buns


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