You want these? Well, come and get them. I dare ya!



You must be prepared to work

Fashion model Amelia Jane Rutherford showed up for a video shoot drunk and on pills. Though Chelsea Pfeiffer may appear small in stature, she knows what is needed and always delivers! Amelia experiences the stinging strokes of Chelsea’s hand, paddle, and strap. See more at Good Spanking.


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Laying down the law

Via Spanking Club of New York

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Summer has gone

… in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is now early fall. Beautiful leaves changing, crisp/cool weather on the way, the World Series, and football. Yet, something is missing. I wonder what that could be?



It’s all in the construction


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How to get a spanking as seen on Craigslist

My eye caught reference to the following ad that appeared in Craigslist (San Luis Obispo, CA). Naturally I had to read it, and it pretty well echoes the path many of us took (are taking). Remember to always use caution, utilize safe calls when meeting someone (or a safe “spy” if at a public eatery), etc. You may also be interested in Spanking Safety Tips by Lady D.

How to Get a Spanking – m4w – Craigslist
It starts with your interest peaked by a CL ad with “Spanking” in the headline, … being spanked but eventually gave in to reluctance and didn’t follow through.

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To spank or not to spank

Via Men’s Health:

Does She Deserve a Spanking?

Yes! In fact, she’s far kinkier than you think. Read on—and make her scream.

Think she’ll run screaming? Not so fast. A University of Saskatchewan study found that women are quite similar to men when defining what’s normal or acceptable in bed. Plus, dabbling in kink can provide a host of bonding benefits. “BDSM challenges couples to communicate better and to be more creative…”

Read it all here

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Practice has started

… for National Hockey League teams, and exhibition games are starting. Then the season pucks off. What better way to recognize these events then to view NHL reporter Carrie Milbank. I wonder if those buns have ever felt the blade of a hockey stick? It makes quite a paddle, and is generally curved so it fits quite nicely.



Legs to go over

Be careful what you wish for, though. Her bite is likely as strong as her appeal.



A cane at the moment of impact



Cheerleaders on display

The University of Oregon football tam is ranked #2 in early play this season. This cheerleader, however, is a clear #1.


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I am prepared

… to lean forward and present my bottom for spanking. Please have mercy as I did not mean to be disrespectful.