Pain in the Ukraine

Based on an article in the NY Times, Her Majesty’s Plaything posts:

Can I Get Fries And A Whipping With That?

This morning a caption in the New York Times caught my eye. It was entitled “City In Ukraine Tied To Masochism Finds Link Painful”. Apparently there is a tavern in the city of Lviv called “The Masoch Cafe” where customers can order a whipping along with their entree.

As it turns out Leopold Von Sacher Masoch was born in Lviv. (What?? Masoch was Ukrainian?? I could have sworn he was German!) The Masoch Cafe is a theme based tourist attraction intended to cash in on the town’s kinky celebrity. The walls of the cafe are festooned with whips chains and bras, the menu a “sophomoric compendium of double entendres”. …

Kami Robertson is spanked

Here we look in on Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking as he delivers a spanking to Kami Robertson during her first ever spanking film. She is wearing a thong which surely must have been removed. Paul also reports that such clothing is no longer allowed when one of the girls is being disciplined.

Via Northern Spanking

Why we may be into spanking – Tina Horn and Jillian Keenan

WHY ARE PEOPLE INTO THAT?! … is an indie podcast created, produced, and hosted by Tina Horn. Each episode focuses on a subject of human sexuality and non-judgmentally asks” that very question. Podcast 18 was posted today, and asks Why Are People Into Spanking? Tina’s guest is Jillian Keenan who All Things Spanking has referred to on several occasions as she has written extensively about her personal interest in adult spanking, and the place of adult spanking in today’s culture.

I just listened to the podcast, and it is a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion that covers many aspects of this issue. I heard much that I could personally relate to from my background and activities as I came to grips with my own spanking interests. I urge you to link to the podcast, pull up a chair (or floor as I did), and relax for 90 minutes of intensely pleasurable time. Well, maybe not as intense as an actual spanking, but you know what I mean. This is a must listen for all spanking enthusiasts.

Why Are People Into That

LOL Day 2

Today is the second day of the 2014 Love Our Lurkers celebration. I invite all of you to comment here, or at any blog that you visit. All bloggers love their readers, and welcome comments!


Come on over lurkers

LOL 9Today and tomorrow are Love Our Lurkers’ Days. Yes, two days this year for bloggers to reaffirm that they love everyone who visits their sites, and invite them to comment. Comment? Oh, yes, post an observation, applaud, criticize, whatever strikes your fancy. Do not be shy. Thousands of folks have done so before you, and thousands will do so after. Why not be one of them?