Two for the brush

screenshot-www cpentertainment com 2016-03-21 06-21-21Chelsea Pfeiffer delivers a bottom reddening spanking by hairbrush to Samantha Woodley and Sierra Salem for their continuing misbehavior. As always at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking, the girls are chastised and receive a thorough punishment. Link to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking, and join the fun via ccBILL.

If you had previously subscribed to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking via Surfnet, we urge you to cancel that subscription and renew with ccBILL, the recently appointed primary servicing vendor for Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking. By doing so, you will receive any necessary customer service from Chelsea’s preferred vendor.

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Erica Scott is paddled

The beautiful, articulate, and oh so naughty Erica Scott is once again spanked. I imagine she will be rosy red when this session is finished.


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Spanking and search

Spank Boss over at Spanking Blog published an interesting study he recently did related to placement of his site when the term “spanking” (or related terms) were used in search. Here at All Things Spanking, we have also seen a drop in search engine related traffic, but it seems to have leveled off of late. Just now, we were found on page 20 of Google, but have been much higher in the past … and lower. The algorithms used to determine placement are a mystery to me and constantly changing from what I have read. All I can do is continue to post interesting material that I hope you, my readers, enjoy and let others know about. As the say, it is what it is, and all bloggers must deal with the search engine gods. I urge you to read Spank Boss’ post.

screenshot-www spankingblog com 2016-03-17 20-41-56

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Luck of the Irish


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A podcast on spanking with Jared DeFife and Jillian Keenan

jillian-keenan-twitterI have often referenced Jillian Keenan’s advocacy for consensual adult spanking and BDSM. She recently participated as the guest for The School of Psych’s podcast entitled BDSM, Spanking, and Shakespeare (SoP 7) hosted by Jared DeFife, Ph.D.

An excellent spokesperson for our communities, Jillian always presents astute, straightforward, and thought provoking material. Her willingness to share the struggles she had in coming to grips with her sexuality and attitudes related to “this thing we do” helps all of us.

To quote from the published lead in to this podacast:

… Jillian shares her experiences and struggles with growing up kinky, how a classic children’s book became her surprising first ‘startle’, her love of language, and her passionate plea to the mental health community to understand the number one most damaging thing they’ve gotten wrong about kink and spanking all along. …

Link to hear the entire 44 minute podcast.

Also see these other posts on All Things Spanking that feature Jillian:

Follow Jillian at her website or Twitter

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The tawse calls


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More on constitutionally protected BDSM, or the lack thereof

jillian-keenanJillian Keenan is a writer in New York City who often writes about spanking, BDSM, and sexual freedom. Her first book, Sex With Shakespeare, will be released by William Morrow/HarperCollins this April.

Jillian had an article in Slate today related to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia’s ruling yesterday that BDSM is not constitutionally protected. I urge you to read Jillian’s thoughtful piece, and to stay abreast of this issue. It surely has the potential to impact all of us. You can follow her on Twitter and her website.

According to Court, BDSM Needs “History” to Be a Protected Right. Is 490 B.C. Old Enough?

… All consenting adults have the right to intimate lives that are free from government interference. It’s a shame that the court refused to recognize that—and a shame that the ruling attempts to draw lines around Lawrence v. Texas to divide “protect[ed]” sexual minorities from unprotected ones. Such divisions are, to steal the court’s language, not “deeply rooted” in history. …

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A cheerleader is spanked

Sarah Gregory Spanking has launched a new website entitled Cheerleader Spankings. In “Absent and Punished”, star cheerleader Lily Swan missed some important practice sessions and has been given an ultimatum by coach Robert Shore. He threatens to kick her off the squad unless she submits to a humiliating OTK hand spanking followed by a “bad girl” paddling.


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This is scary

There has been considerable discussion on the Twitter/Cyber-verse since this USA federal court ruling came out yesterday. We all want to protect those who cannot do so for themselves. However, giving states or the federal government the right to legislate safe, sane activities between competent, consenting adults is disturbing. I urge you to read up on and stay abreast of this case, and what may be a rush to action by some states. What’s next? The states delegating authority for such to every hamlet? What’s legal in your bedroom might not be across the street in another jurisdiction? The following was posted on the Hit & Run Blog

Bans on Bondage and Spanking During Sex Could Be OK, Says Federal Court
Think states can’t criminalize consensual BDSM activity? Think again.
Elizabeth Nolan Brown|Mar. 7, 2016 4:35 pm

Uh-oh, kinksters: sex cops could be coming for you next. According to a new federal court decision, Americans have no constitutional right to engage in consensual BDSM because “sexual activity that involves binding and gagging or the use of physical force such as spanking or choking poses certain inherent risks to personal safety.” Thus officials could constitutionally ban or regulate such activity in the interest of “the protection of vulnerable persons,” the court held. …

Read the entire article here

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You have not felt anything yet

This will feel so much better on your bare bottom.


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In position


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The Red Bottoms are coming

Back in revolutionary days, we Americans repelled the Red Coats. Now, UK Disciplinarian Ophelia De Havilland will be arriving and promises red bottoms for all Americans who brave to take her on. We published an interview with Miss Ophelia last week, and encourage you to read it if you have not already done so. Will we repel this English invasion as we did in days of yore, or gratefully submit to the inevitable? Time will tell. 2016-03-01 11-20-32

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