Caned and spanked

The disciplinarians at Triple A Spanking always have their hands full. The girls cannot seem to catch a break, or get away with anything. Discipline is always swift, just, and severe.

In Midnight Feast, Joelle [Barros] had snuck into the staff room late at night to take back some cookies to her room for a “midnight feast” as she was starving and fed up with the strict diets imposed on the girls at the boarding school. However, she had greedily consumed some cookies on the way back to her room before snacking on the rest, leaving a trail of crumbs for Mr. Osborne to discover. He tracked the staff room incursion back to Joelle’s bedroom, and confronted her over the theft. Cane in hand, ever prepared, Mr. Osborne knew Joelle had no excuse. She took a hard, no nonsense caning and spanking punishment over her pajamas and on her bare bottom!


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So you want to be a spanking model?

Casting call at Punished Brats

Punishedbrats is looking for new brats

We are looking for new brats for projects in the coming months. We are looking for females 20-35 years of age. ( We will consider 18-19 year olds with industry experience . We shoot near Philadelphia. If you are coming from out of town we provide a hotel room.

Obviously , you will need to be able to take a good spanking.

For more information write to

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Effective tools of the trade


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Her jeans are stretched tight

… and will not provide much protection from the wicked hairbrush. Nonetheless, her bare bottom will be exposed shortly to receive the full force of each swat. Think she can take it?


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Restrained for the paddle

This will not be pretty. That adorable bottom will soon be red and bruised. Tears will stream down her face, and she will not be able to wriggle or shake her bottom to mitigate the sting or try to avoid the cracking paddle.

Original source unknown

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The nurse is making sure

… that he is well and fully capable of absorbing the punishment to be administered in a few minutes. The rectal temperature and enema he is to receive are just the beginning of his humiliation. He will also be relieved of any sexual charge so that the strokes impart maximum sting. His only saving grace is that a paddle will be used on his bare bottom and not a cane unless he resists on the way to the public arena and the spanking bench. Regardless, the woman who will deliver his punishment is an expert with all implements, and his lesson will be duly learned.


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August 9 spanking over the years

She looks sweet but she is ready for OTK
Pink panties and in position
I also do the spanking
The devil did it
What have we here?
Loving Red-Cheeked Erotica

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Stripped, spanked and belted for utter brattiness: Amelia pays the price

After receiving a splendid bare bottom spanking that leaves her red and belted, Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a mouth soaping to improve her language. The action is part of Amelia’s fast moving discipline series with Earl Grey, Getting to the Bottom of It at Firm Hand Spanking. Earl has had enough of her bitching about the maid: it’s time to pay! 2015-08-08 19-23-42

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She wants you now

… and you had better not keep The Hunteress (Cassie Hunter) waiting. She is a determined, powerful disciplinarian who knows perfectly well how to apply all implements to a bare bottom with maximal intensity. The hairbrush she holds will inflict considerable sting and discomfort. When you view Cassie on Captured By The Hunteress, you will have no doubt about her ability.


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She is encouraging him

… to change his behavior, and the paddle is assuring her that the message is truly delivered. There is no messing around in her delivery as the paddle is raised high. It will be rapidly lowered until it smacks his ass with a resounding crack that leaves no doubt as to its effectiveness.

Via Tumblr (Sans titre)

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An imposing presence

This lady’s pose is quite commanding, and immediately suggests that this is not a good time to mess with her. She appears to be tall, fit, and fully capable of achieving a severe application of that crop. You can bet your ass on that.

Original source and name of lady unknown

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ATVOD’s misguided mission explained to Lady Bear

Ariel Anderssen wrote and acted in a superb short video entitled If We Can Do It, Let Us View It that explores the insanity in the UK’s porn censorship regulations. This was filmed by Restrained Elegance, the production studio owned by Ariel and her husband, Hywell Phillips.

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UPDATE: Ariel Anderssen blogged today (August 6, 2015) on the background of If We Can Do It, Let Us View It, and how it came to be. She also articulates some of her feelings about the UK’s regulations and ATVOD. Read it here

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