An unexpected visitor

… or did she invite a friend to help with the caning?


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Some things never change in the world of spanking

For example, showing off a red, well-spanked ass at Firm Hand Spanking in 2014 looks remarkably like it did in 2005. Both Rachel Young (left) and Stacy Stockton (right) sport the after effects of a trip over-the-knee for well deserved swats.


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The best jeans for spanking

… contest has reached the finals. These six ladies present their goods for your vote. Who would have the best seat to spank?

Via Tumblr (Hoofdzaken en bilzaken)

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Read it and heed it

Excellent advice for any good Dominant, in my opinion, and also something for subs to bear in mind. Snagged from the referenced blog with gratitude.

10 Guidelines for a F/m Mistress

10 Simple Rules for a Wise Dominant

By Lady Jade

1. The submissive’s SAFETY will always be of top priority to a wise Dominant, both physically and emotionally.

2. ALWAYS respect and honor a submissive’s safe word and never put him or her in a position to be afraid to use it.

3. Just as submission is a gift to be treasured, Domination is a talent to be mastered so BE educated and experienced at dominating BEFORE you take on the responsibility of another’s life.

4. Don’t be too arrogant to be able to listen and understand your submissive’s viewpoints and needs. You might just learn something from them. After all communication is the foundation of a strong D/s relationship and can not be obtained if it is all one sided.

5. Never punish a submissive by withholding your affection, this is emotional blackmail.

6. Provide guidance and support when needed and stay tuned into your submissive’s moods. In return you will gain a submissive that is eager to please and serve you because they feel of value.

7. Provide your submissive with negotiated guidelines to stay with in and when the submissive steps out of those guidelines CONSISTENTLY apply punishment.

8. Understand that just as a submissive’s trust must be earned so must a Dominant earn a submissive’s trust. This does not undermine your control but strengthens it.

9. Enjoy and use what is offered to you with kindness, harshness, pain and pleasure and have the wisdom to know when to use each one.

10. Never be too full of pride or blinded by your own “power trip” to admit when you have made a mistake and to even say “I’m sorry”. Just as no submissive is perfect for their Dominant 24 hours a day; no Dominant is perfect either.

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As usual the paddle says it all

I suggest that you not talk back to either this lady or her paddle. Both look quite capable of making their point loud and clear.


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The adult spanking community really is about normal people

scony1Since 50 Shades came out, more and more people have become aware of and familiar with adult spanking activities. We see more of it in television shows, movies, and the press. By and large, I think media representation of adult spanking has been fair.

A recent article in Your Tango by Danielle Page caught my eye, and should interest anyone who thinks about attending a spanking party especially the Spanking Club of New York (SCONY). I have known Ms. Margaret and Tom Ryder since before SCONY was founded. In fact, I first met them at a spanking event where Tom was carrying Ms. Margaret’s folding chair. Might I add that they were not yet married. With the snap of a finger and wink of her eye, Ms. Margaret directed Tom to place the chair near her upon which she quickly sat and pulled me over her knee. Ms. scony2Margaret gave me one of my first spankings, and it was tolerable (don’t tell her so), fun, and obviously memorable. I had many opportunities to speak with them in the days and years after that primarily at SCONY events or online in SCONY’s chat room. They truly do care about the spanking community at large, and especially in helping women of any age become comfortable with and acclimated to their feelings and desires related to consensual adult spanking.

The Your Tango article states that SCONY is run “by a sweet-looking older woman” … Ms. Margaret. If the author does return to a SCONY event, I envision that “sweet-looking … woman” taking umbrage to the “older” comment, and further introducing the author to a tried and true means of correcting language, prose, or behavior. Need I say more?

scony3jpgThe article also mentions that alcoholic beverages were available. Yes, some folks may have a belt or two before arriving and meeting a “real belt.” Yes, some party hosts allow some degree of drinking at events. But, no, drinking is typically not rampant, and over consumption is not tolerated. Alcohol (or drugs) and spanking do not mix. One must be aware of their feelings when negotiating a scene and playing whether the Top or bottom. In my experience, almost everyone watches for individuals who should not be playing, and take appropriate action.

The following excerpt is from the article. I encourage you to read it all.

I Went To A Spanking Party And DAMN, My Ass Still Hasn’t Recovered

… What struck me the most about this whole experience was how normal everyone in attendance was. The seasoned regulars we came in counter with are the same people you’d expect to run into at your office water cooler, or feeding quarters into the dryer at the laundromat, or in line behind you at the grocery store.

This has made me think differently about all of my acquaintances, about how little you really know about a person when it comes to what makes them tick, what they’re into, and what gets them off. …

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Irish spanking

Vogue-Williams-in-Black-Bikini--17-662x954From The Journal’s online edition, we read:

Vogue Williams went to a ‘spanking class’ for her new RTÉ documentary

… In her new three-part documentary series Mean Girls, Vogue Williams meets women who ‘defy traditional perceptions of the fairer sex’, like MMA fighters and death row inmates, as well as the sexually adventurous. …

.. Vogue [took] a class in ‘spanking skills’ (and [got] spanked herself) at Coco De Mer, a swanky sex shop in London.

She says it gave her a new-found appreciation of the kink:

Spanking is a bit alright. It’s not that bad when someone does it properly. If they had spanking classes in Dublin I’d say girls would go because it’s so hilarious – if you went with all your friends it’d be such a laugh. …

Read more here

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Let the wind blow


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This day in the history of All Things Spanking …

… or yesterday on two days we decided to take off. Hey, we all get a break at times, yes? Or, is that spankable?

2014 – Just a face in the crowd
2013 – I hate this part
2012 – Time for the cane
2011 – Christine will spank you
2010 – Ladies, or gents, tell me
2010 – Spanking as we sunbathe
2009 – American football season has begun
2007 – Dyan Cannon to tell all?

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She has just begun to spank

Brace yourself, boy, this will get much more intense as it progresses. She has more severe implements in line to meet your bottom.


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The naughty spoon meets a celebrity

Via The Daily MKail:

‘The naughty spoon!’ Mother-of-four Heidi Klum, 42, flashes her pert derrière in racy spanking snap


Read more:

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Such rosy red cheeks

Via Tumblr (Spanking Aficionardo)

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