Dana Kane’s 4th of July

Dana Kane is an accomplished disciplinarian who can be a lot of fun as she blisters a bottom. She is intelligent, witty, and oh so accomplished. Dana has shared a wonderful video with us that includes an educational component plus some well delivered strokes with various implements. As Dana tells it:

The Very Bad Boy came to visit me on Independence Day, so I thought we’d play a little game of ‘how much do you know’ with our VBB…he did pretty well, but not well enough to avoid a serious, severe rubber paddling, rubber strapping, caning, and extended wood paddling. Although this is a typically **SEVERE** VBB scene, there’s the usual amount of laughing and silliness, as well. Twenty-plus minutes of 4th of July fun!

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It is the 4th of July in the USA

… a holiday on which we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence from Britain on July 4, 1776. Of course, it is also the 4th of July in the rest of the world unless you are in those time zones where it is already the 5th. As my uncle used to ask, when do they have the 4th of July in Britain? OK, OK, back to business. I hope your 4th of July festivities are good ones, and that all your fireworks are the result of paddle pops!


Targeting Pandora Blake

Pandora-glamourPandora Blake owns and operates the highly successful and artistically superb spanking video site Dreams of Spanking. She has poured her heart and soul into something that she truly believes in, and practices herself. She has shared this aspect of her sexuality with us for over four years.

Pandora is an outspoken critic of the recently enacted, archaic UK laws related to production of porn in the UK. It is not illegal to buy or view such material in the UK, only to produce it. Pandora has been a leader in the vocal and visible opposition to this law. For that, it strongly appears that Pandora and her company have been targeted by the regulatory agency charged with enforcing the law. A fantastic article on Pandora’s plight, and the plight that other producers may face, appeared in yesterday’s Erotic Review. We excerpt a couple of the salient paragraphs, and urge you to link to the article and read it all.

ATVOD: this is how they shut you up

This is how they shut you up. If you’re producing non-mainstream porn [in the UK], the British authorities are coming after you. They will threaten you, they will destroy your business, they will publish your real name and they will issue crippling fines against you. The penalties for producing ethically-made, non-mainstream porn are legion. …

Here is the crucial element of this strange and old-fashioned story: if Blake had filmed a hardcore gangbang with four men spit-roasting and violently throat-fucking a women, using low production values and without any extra scenes demonstrating the model giving consent, she would have been within the rules. Atvod found against her specifically because she strove to be ethical and responsible and show informed consent taking place. They found against her because she tried to make it look good. The regulator is increasingly acting as a challenger to the very concept of consent in pornography. …

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Do not mess with her

I do not know who this is, and found this photo on Tumblr with no attribution given. If you know, please tell. I will submit, however, that this lady is not one to disobey as she looks to be quite capable of administering that cane in a most convincing manner. Would a foolhardy person or dreamer challenge her? I wonder which … if either!

Via Tumblr (Submissive Hubby)

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