I told you to eat every carrot and pea on your plate


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Going more mainstream

Our friends at Crimson Moon got some unexpected publicity today on FM radio in Detroit. Link to read about it on FetLife.


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Things you never see or hear


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American football season

… is about to begin. A few college games have already been played, and high school football is into its third week. The major start for colleges is over Labor Day weekend with the pros kicking off the following week. Everyone is feverishly preparing for the season including cheerleaders. Here we see a Carolina Panthers’ cheerleader. I wonder if the cheer coach has a strict discipline policy for errors made during any routine?


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The wind and the waves

… on a nice sandy beach.
Her bum needs some color.
Do you think she will screech?
It really won’t matter as she takes her thrashing.
The breakers will come, and just keep on crashing!

Source unknown

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Spanking on Family Feud

kristiAwwwwwww, Kristi, it’s no more embarrassing than falling on your ass doing a triple axel. Especially if you’re the doer! An interesting slip of the tongue?

Via Uproxx:

Steve Harvey Flusters Kristi Yamaguchi With His Reaction To Spanking On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

… Host Kenan Thomps… er, Steve Harvey, asked [Bret] Hedican based on a survey of 100 married men, “sometimes I think my wife is going to BLANK me to death.” Hedican, takes a beat, breathes and responds, “Spank.” And laughs were had by all.

Except Yamaguchi, that is. See, she’s a little embarrassed. Maybe she and Hedican are into that sort of thing only she never expected he’d tell a couple hundred thousand people on national TV one random, summer Saturday night. …

Read it all and view the clip here

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Get your spank on

05As summer draws to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, a number of Disciplinarians are warming up their “pitching arms” not to mention their subjects’ derrieres after a summer respite. All Things Spanking proudly lists travel undertaken by Disciplinarians as a courtesy when we are aware of it and they wish to so announce. You may see our current listing at http://allthingsspanking.com/traveling-spankos/
We also proudly list Disciplinarians by their fixed-base country, state (region), and city to help both readers and Disciplinarians. Again, this is a courtesy we off to the community. Lately, I have received several emails advising me that Disciplinarians were indeed found through these listings. It is always nice to hear about success stories.

Over the last two weeks, the following Disciplinarians have been added to our location listings, or their information changed as noted. You may see the full list at http://allthingsspanking.com/disciplinarians/

“Bottoms up” everyone!

  • Brigitte – Seattle
  • Disciplinarian Juliett – Ft. Lauderdale, FL relocated from CA
  • Elena Rochelle – Syracuse, NY
  • Heidee Nytes – Brooklyn, NY
  • Kajira Bound – Palm Springs, CA and travels
  • Kami Robertson – London location added
  • Spanking for Wellness – Washington, DC and occasional NYC
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    How to do it … and why

    Paisley Gilmour is a editor and writer at reveal.co.uk focusing on sex and eroticism. She posted the following article today. Although focused toward beginners to adult spanking, an enthusiast at any level should find the article interesting and informative.

    Sex blog: A beginner’s guide to erotic spanking
    Published Friday, Aug 19 2016, By Paisley Gilmour

    For anyone wanting to dip their toe into the ocean of kink, spanking can be a fabulous place to start. …

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    On the trail and what a tail


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    Smack whack crack

    This lady is applying her hairbrush with vim, vigor, and vitality. A very sore and welted bum is imminent.

    This appears to be an old Nu-West/Leda photo, but I am not sure. Does anyone know?

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