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From time-to-time we conduct an interview with a spanking related person, or repost an interview from another site that is of particular interest. As these provide unique insights to spanking issues, it is important that they not be lost in the archives. So, we will place each interview here in addition to posting it on the main blog. A link to all interviews appears below. Simply click on the interview title to read the actual piece. Enjoy!

An interview with Disciplinarian JulietteMistress Juliette is a Los Angeles-based Spanker. She recently agreed to chat with us, and we are so pleased that she did. Erudite, well-spoken, and quite adept at delivering the type and severity of spanking required in any situation, Miss Juliette opened our eyes to many things. And, yes, “Juliette” has an “e” at the end despite the space-mandated truncation imposed by FetLife where it appears as “Juliett.” As Miss J said to me, ” … It has gotten many a young man like yourself in some trouble. My advice: ” Don’t forget that “e” … or do forget it! Be careful what you wish for.”

An interview with Ophelia de HavillandOphelia de Havilland is a traditional English domestic disciplinarian. She professes to be the disciplinarian that you both love and fear. Miss Ophelia is very friendly, but no nonsense. Without any hesitation, she will spank when necessary, and spanks bottoms otk in the way it’s meant to be done. Miss Ophelia’s spankings are at the requisite level of severity for the crime, and will certainly reinforce the lesson that is being taught.

An Interview with Princess AmmyPrincess Ammy is a non-professional Asian disciplinarian who takes her avocation of delivering corporal punishments very seriously. Her implement of choice is the cane which she can very effectively administer. Ammy is intelligent, gracious, and outgoing, but all business once a punishment session starts. Caveat emptor, let the buyer beware, truly applies with Ammy although she does not sell anything other than lessons in accountability. Ammy simply enjoys teaching people that misbehavior is not acceptable, and has consequences. She does not hold back, and can truly deliver anything from mild to wild.

An interview with Lily Starr – Lily Starr is a spanking model and disciplinarian who is based in Southern California. She recently granted us an interview that is far reaching, intuitive, and entertaining. I think you will agree that Lily is intriguing, and certainly understands This Thing We do (TTWD). So, without further ado, let’s get to Lily.

An interview with Domina M – Domina M (DM) identifies as a “card carrying global perveratti member.” Indeed, she certainly is global having been raised in the United States, but now residing and practicing in Europe. Domina travels to the UK, USA, and Asia, and has a stellar reputation.

An interview with Miss Georgia Cane – Miss Georgia Cane is a New York City based disciplinarian who has reddened deserving bottoms for over twenty years. She is a no nonsense disciplinarian who administers over the knee, bare bottom spankings; strict corporal punishment; and old fashioned discipline. She is not a domme and not a mistress, but a spanking disciplinarian only. Miss Georgia recently granted All Things Spanking time for an interview so you could get to know her better.

An Interview with Miss Chris – Miss Chris is a beautiful, 6 foot tall Disciplinarian who operates from Phoenix, AZ, and is college educated. She admits to hobbies that include: Reading (sci-fi/fantasy, Victorian erotica, history of discipline & corporal punishment), interior design, gardening, Victorian/Edwardian (1860?s-1920?s) & Vintage (1920?s-1950?s) eras, antiquing, cooking, caring for her animals, theatre, art and music. Certainly quite a varied list of interests. Miss Chris is well known in the spanking community, and has much to offer spanking enthusiasts other than a memorable trip over her knee. As with her hobbies, Miss Chris takes a varied approach to spanking and discipline, and has eclectic interests. We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Miss Chris, and hope you enjoy her candid comments as much as we enjoyed asking the questions.

An Interview with Miss Jennifer – Miss Jennifer is a disciplinarian who is based in Southeast Virgina, but travels extensively to coach and administer spankings to those she works with. She enjoys most aspects of disciplinary life coaching , and openly shares her experiences on her blog (Miss Jennifer, Professional Disciplinarian). Miss Jennifer’s website also contains a wealth of information about her. We were recently fortunate to have Miss Jennifer share some of her experiences with us. I hope you enjoy this interview.

An Interview with The Hunteress – The Hunteress (Miss Cassie) is a UK-based Dominatrix who has a particular affinity and expertise in corporal punishment. She has built a stellar reputation in the UK and beyond, and has been described as “a down to earth, grounded woman with a good sense of humour” who possesses “a beauty and physicality that is overwhelmingly intimidating.” …

An Interview with MaMa Blue – MaMa Blue is a well known adult spanking enthusiast and disciplinarian whom I have known for several years. She is genuine, caring, sincere, down-to-earth, and very focused on helping those she works with to achieve the intended results. There is an adage about “no gain without pain.” Well, be careful what you wish for with MaMa Blue. She will help you make gains, and love and care for you while doing so. …

Ms. Harriet Marwood: An Interview – Ms. Harriet Marwood is a Professional Disciplinarian and Spankologist based in New York City. She is a worldly, creative, intelligent, no-nonsense lady who addresses the real or “concocted” behavioral problems of naughty boys and girls of all (consenting) ages. She takes her inspiration from a renowned, stern English governess of longstanding literary fame.

A spanking model talks [Pixie is now retired] – Amber Pixie Wells is a spanking model and the web designer for Punished Brats. She has a diverse background and varied interests in addition to her spanking endeavors. Recently, she posted the following on her blog Spanking Pixie. As always, follow the link to Fractured Politics. …