This table lists travel by Disciplinarians and/or other enthusiasts away from their home base when they wish to so announce. Typically, they are available to meet, but please contact each individual for details. It must be emphasized that any meetings are strictly non-sexual. Do not embarrass yourself or anyone else by proposing such.
Alex ReynoldsNew York CityApr 29 - May 2
HoustonMay 16-20Lone Star Spanking Party
DallasJun 19-24Texas All-State Spanking Party
Las VegasAug 29 - Sep 3Shadlowlane
San DiegoSep 16-17
ChicagoOct 10-13Crimson Moon
Dana SpechtHoustonMay 15-20Lone Star Spanking party
Disciplinarian JulietteParis/ EuropeMayTo be announced
Jennifer SpanksGlobalVariousCheck website for specifics
Miss ChrisLong Island & NYCApr 23 - TentativeWith Mistress Baton
HoustonMay 16-20 - Tentative
DallasJun 20-24 - TentativeTexas All-State Spanking Party
DenverJul 25-28 - TentativeThunder in the Mountains
OmahaAug 9-11 - TentativePain on the Plains
Las VegasAug 29 - Sep 2 - TentativeShadowlane
TucsonSep 13-15 - TentativeRebooted Revamped
ChicagoOct 10-14Crimson Moon
Mistress BatonOttawaApr 19-20
TorontoApr 21Fully booked
New YorkApr 23-25
ChicagoApr 27-28
HoustonMay 1-2
San FranciscoMay 4-5
Los AngelesMay 7-8
DubaiJul 9-15
South Yorkshire, UKJul 17-18With Miss Raven 666
Manchester, UKJul 19With Eris Martinet
NorthWest CourtJul 20
Kent, UKJul 22With Lady Amber
LondonJul 23-24
Australia & New ZealandDecTo be announced
Naturally GinLas VegasLate-Aug - Early-Sep - TBAShadowlane
Navia o'KinkChicagoApr 27-29
Los AngelesMay 10-12
San DiegoMay 14-16
HoustonMay 17-19
DallasJun 21-24Texas All-State Spanking Party
New OrleansJul 1-5
New OrleansOct 4-8DomCon
ReykjavikOct 29-30
FrankfortNov 1-2
ParisNov 3-6
RomeNov 7-10
LondonNov 11-13
Rachel (Positively Spanking)Las VegasApr 16-17
Atlantic CityApr 25-28Boardness Badness Weekend
BeaumontMay 9-12
HoustonMay 15-19Lone Star Spanking Party
DallasJun 20-23Texas All-State Spanking Party
Las VegasAug 28 - Sep 1Shadowlane
ChicagoOct 10-13Crimson Moon
DallasOct 31 - Nov 2
Sarah GregoryAtlantic CityApr 24-29Boardwalk Badness Weekend
HoustonMay 14-23Lone Star Spanking Party
St. Petersburg, FLAug 7-12FetishCon
Las VegasAug 21-28
Las VegasAug 29 - Sep 3Shadowlane
ChicagoOct 10-15Crimson Moon