Off and running … from a paddle?

Hello, everyone! I am Mitch, and you may know that I previously published the blog All Things Spanking. After a twelve year run, I decided to end that blog as I had grown weary and felt a fresh approach would be good if I remained online. Well, here I am.

Some of the features I had on the old blog will be replicated here as they were highly successful. For example, the Disciplinarian listing and travel they wished to announce were oft-visited pages by readers. I will also, like many blogs, link to related sites in the spanking genre. I will post about spanking in the news, conduct interviews with spanking enthusiasts, and provide resource listings appropriate for both fledgling and seasoned enthusiasts.

I always welcome input. Please email me at any time.

Ciao for now.

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3 Responses to Off and running … from a paddle?

  1. john says:

    Welcome back
    Missed you

  2. DAVID MILLER says:

    Welcome back. A break from it all can be all you really need to be ‘refreshed’. Good luck with the new version of your Blog.

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