An Interview with Strict Lady Cloe

Note: The following interview was previously posted on All Things Spanking and is still germane and representative of Lady Cloe.


Lady Cloe is a Swiss national who is now based in New York City. She has a successful professional career, and secondarily helps men as a “behavior modification specialist” who administers discipline. Lady Cloe also spanks women at events or parties. She is a creative event planner and has taken acting classes. Her love and talent for role play evolved from these professional endeavors. All Things spanking has communicated with Lady Cloe on many occasions. She is erudite about her disciplinary interests and quite capable of administering what is needed.

ATS: Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Lady Cloe.

Lady Cloe: It’s my pleasure and thank you for your interest as well.

ATS: What is your background story? How did you come to be interested in administering discipline and spankings?

Lady Cloe: I am a European Woman who grew up with a strict mother who administered a good sound correction to myself and my siblings.

ATS: Many people feel that a disciplinarian should know what each of their spanking implements feels like in actual use. Have you ever been spanked, and do you experience your “tools” before putting them to use?

Lady Cloe: Yes, indeed. I started as a bottom due to my strict mother. I know how most implements feel. Also, I think it’s imported for me to feel any new implements on myself first. I like to observe other disciplinarians’ techniques and styles. It’s a turn on, and I take what works for me.

I think having bottomed at one time brings more knowledge and understanding when applying OTK correction. It’s not only the physical part but the loving, disciplinary, mentoring skills necessary for you to use.

ATS: How long have you been active as a disciplinarian?

Lady Cloe: Over 15 years.

ATS: There are several different types of spanking such as judicial, punishment, maintenance, erotic. Which is your favorite, if any, and why? Do you administer all of them depending on circumstances and what the subject has earned?

Lady Cloe: Every OTK correction has its own story. For example, one might want to relive their past or discover a new interest. It depends on the recipient’s request and needs. I apply my judgment on what type to choose or to combine styles. It’s also a huge physiologic matter as to what someone can tolerate and their limits.

ATS: Is all your work related to corporal punishment, or do you also practice broader aspects of BDSM? What might those interests be?

Lady Cloe: I truly believe in female supremacy and love forced feminization. I’m very creative in role play and great with makeup and hair, shopping, and selecting the right outfit for the “girls.”

ATS: Your website indicates that you have undertaken “a deep study of male psychology.” How specifically has that helped in your disciplinarian role? Could you give us an example?

Lady Cloe: To understand the male, one must understand the situation that made him crave or want to be spanked. Only by communication can you gain that knowledge. I love reading about spanking and talking about the life history that led to someone loving or desiring an OTK correction.

ATS: A growing number of spankologists are taking their talents on the road and travel quite a bit. You have traveled in the New England and Mid-Atlantic areas of the USA, and parts of Europe. Do you have plans to travel elsewhere?

Lady Cloe: Yes. I plan to travel to Australia, and other sites are always possible. Stay tuned.

ATS: The use of spanking as part of life coaching sessions has been a growing trend and one that your website indicates you also engage in. How has this been going, and how does it truly differ from a pure spanking session?

Lady Cloe: I adore helping a person when coaching them in a difficult situation, and knowing that they better themselves with work-related issues, health, or family. Getting that thank you note makes my day. I build a deep connection with that person and often develop good trust and friendship aside from the spanking interaction.

ATS: What is your favorite implement to spank with?

Lady Cloe: I love my traditional wooden paddles and hairbrushes. I get excited when I find a “new one” that has been used before and has history to it. Also, I have a very good, strong hand. I live for a good stern sound hand spanking, followed by a paddle or hairbrush

ATS: What is your favorite position?

Lady Cloe: Over my knee with a leg lock. Diaper position. Standing, bending forward, sticking that bum out. Any position where I can apply the power I possess to a deserving bottom.

ATS: Many of your posts on Twitter and elsewhere contain slogans or short poetic pieces addressing a playful spanking style. Could you share one with us?

Lady Cloe:

The Lady and the bottom
I might be old fashion
But it’s my passion
Right over my knee
Don’t you agree?
You will say okay.
It’s my chosen way.

ATS: Why do you do this? What do you like about administering a spanking?

Lady Cloe: To me, OTK is not about being erotic, but it’s mentoring and accountability. It requires a very dominant mind, a firm hand, and sometimes implements. It’s all about strong, firm, feminine guidance, and, caring. Safety for the spankee is always a concern, and building that trust is very important.

ATS: Where would interested parties find you online, Lady Cloe?

Lady Cloe: I am on Twitter as “OTK Paddled by Chloe” (@OtkStrict) and oFetLife. My website is

ATS: Do you spank by phone?

Lady Cloe: No. I prefer real-time experience.

ATS: Thank you for agreeing to this interview, Lady Cloe. It has been a pleasure chatting with you.