Therapy Spanking: A Discussion

On August 4, 2017, Gigi Engle posted an article on Marie Claire that speaks to the convergence of therapeutic and erotic spanking. While the focus of this blog tends away from the erotic aspects, we clearly recognize that an element of eroticism exists in many spankings. Bare bottoms, especially OTK, suggest that for some. Many celebrate spanking for its cathartic, punitive, therapeutic, whatever elements to the exclusion of eroticism. Regardless of your need and perspective, we all enjoy something about this thing we do.

This article is an interesting read, and I encourage you to follow the title link and read it all.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About “Spanking Therapy

… It feels like being dropped into an ice bath and then wrapped in a warm towel: Shocking at first, unpleasant even, but overall quite soothing. …

Therapeutic Spanking: One Person’s View

On September 1, 2016, Dr. Discipline posted a thought-provoking piece entitled A guide to giving Therapeutic Spankings for couples on his blog Luvs Spanking. We post the opening paragraphs and urge you to link here to read the entire article.

I wrote the comment below on my post ‘For couples seeking spanking’ on 10/29/2009 in response to a question from a reader as to why I wrote that punishment and discipline were different.

“Punishment is for specific events and is meant to hurt both physically and mentally. Punishment is a price paid for making an error in judgment despite and in spite of knowing the consequences for misbehaving. Punishment is not the result of bratting however [unless specified in a contract]. Discipline is best recognized in the sense of achievement. As in ‘she was disciplined enough to run a marathon’, ‘meditating took self-discipline’, ‘not eating all the muffins was a sign of a disciplined mind’. Discipline is an incentive, a reward, a motivation to do better in very detailed goals. They can be goals based on relationships, personal or spiritual growth, professional career, the list is endless. The key is how those involved feel. If you feel punished, then you were punished. If you feel disciplined, then you were disciplined. It’s all in the perspective: bottoms up or hands down.”

One category of spankings I didn’t include though was therapeutic spankings. Some may argue that therapy spankings fall under discipline or maintenance but for the purposes of this post I will consider them to be separate. …