Implements of choice

In the early days of All Things Spanking (long before our recent hiatus), readers were asked: “When there’s a choice, other than the hand, what spanking implement do you prefer?”

With 124 people voting (some voted for multiple implements), the results were:

Wood paddle (36) or 24%
Hairbrush (33) 22%
Strap/belt (31) or 21%
Cane (19) or 13%
Leather paddle (12) or 8%
Tawse (8) or 5%
Switch (6) or 4%
None (5) or 3%

It’s interesting that the traditional percussion (impact) implements in the US (wood paddle and hairbrush) led the way along with the strap/belt. I would also suggest that the majority of voters were Tops. Just a hunch. Certainly any of the listed implements are effective when used “properly” and in the right hands.