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2015 – Prepare yourself 2014 – Cheerleaders are spanked 2013 – The paddle whacks 2012 – I’m ready, where are you? 2011 – Firmed up for a spanking 2010 – Spanking for color 2009 – Primed and ready to spank … Continue reading

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The wind and the waves

… on a nice sandy beach. Her bum needs some color. Do you think she will screech? It really won’t matter as she takes her thrashing. The breakers will come, and just keep on crashing! Source unknown

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On the trail and what a tail

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What now?

She: “Hurry, and bare that bottom. Then lean over the bike while I get my strap. Anyone who passes by will witness your well-earned humiliation … and scorched bum.” Original source unknown

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It is all in the jeans

… or genes? These ladies seem to heave been dealt a good set of genes at least as respects their collective derrieres. I submit that fabric will not have much effect on the sting of a paddle, but will serve … Continue reading

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Red rover, red rover, send red buns right over

And she displays her qualifications as she scurries right over

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A look back on this day

As we do on occasion, this is a look back at posts on All Things Spanking from September 17 over the years. Well, there is one year when we goofed off on September 17, so we look at September 16 … Continue reading

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The beach and the switch

These two ladies are enjoying a casual walk on the beach. The one on the right may very well be saying: “You will behave, and not embarrass me like you did last week. If you do, I assure you that … Continue reading

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This day in the history of All Things Spanking …

… or yesterday on two days we decided to take off. Hey, we all get a break at times, yes? Or, is that spankable? 2014 – Just a face in the crowd 2013 – I hate this part 2012 – … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself

… by baring that bottom, and leaning over the hood while I get the strap out of the back. Then brace yourself as this is going to really sting. Original source unknown

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The nurse is making sure

… that he is well and fully capable of absorbing the punishment to be administered in a few minutes. The rectal temperature and enema he is to receive are just the beginning of his humiliation. He will also be relieved … Continue reading

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She is not happy

… after being spanked by one of the disciplinarians at Northern Spanking. Perhaps she is also embarrassed as the neighbors could have heard the swats landing and her cries since this punishment occurred outside.

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