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Thirty-six on the bare for Pandora

Among the latest releases from Firm Hand Spanking, we read that: Pandora Blake takes a bare bottom birching for her friend, Amelia Rutherford, to prevent Amelia from being punished again. Lying over a wooden frame at the foot of the … Continue reading

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Pandora Blake wins her appeal. Dreams of Spanking will return!

In a fantastic bit of news, Pandora Blake has won her case against censorship in the UK. The ever popular and artistically superb site Dreams of Spanking will return just as quickly as Pandora and her team can get things … Continue reading

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Pandora prepares for the paddle

It looks like Pandora Blake (Dreams of Spanking) has mouthed off once too often. She is about to be soundly paddled, and I doubt those shorts will mitigate the sting too much. Of course, we fully expect the shorts to … Continue reading

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