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Thirty-six on the bare for Pandora

Among the latest releases from Firm Hand Spanking, we read that: Pandora Blake takes a bare bottom birching for her friend, Amelia Rutherford, to prevent Amelia from being punished again. Lying over a wooden frame at the foot of the … Continue reading

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Cheerleaders are not immune to spanking

Sarah Gregory and her associates have been busy maintaining discipline at the various sites she manages. In one of the latest sagas: Joelle Barros spanks the new girl to the cheer squad, Amelia Jane Rutherford, who has been annoyingly bratty … Continue reading

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Disciplinarians on the move in January & February

As many of you know, Backpage’s adult content has been censored, and they have been forced to take down any content related to the adult genre in the United States. You may see the notice posted by Backpage here. The … Continue reading

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2016 Spanking Awards Nominations

Nominations for the 2016 spanking awards will be open throughout November. Link here to read all about it, and to nominate those blogs, video producers, spankers, models, etc. who you think warrant recognition. Voting dates will be announced when nominations … Continue reading

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Trade secrets shared

This week on Sarah Gregory’s Cheerleader Spankings, Isobel Wren and Harley Havik are featured as rival cheerleader captains. They acknowledge each other as having the two best squads. Isobel noticed that Harley commanded a lot of respect from her girls, … Continue reading

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Spanking Punishment Versus Play

Michael Masterson writes on his FetLife page that he is a “long time spanko, full-time pervert, owner of I am now a fetish here [FelLife] …. Show your love here Like most true spankos, this has just been … Continue reading

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Pandora Blake wins her appeal. Dreams of Spanking will return!

In a fantastic bit of news, Pandora Blake has won her case against censorship in the UK. The ever popular and artistically superb site Dreams of Spanking will return just as quickly as Pandora and her team can get things … Continue reading

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April 29 in the history of All Things Spanking

In some years, we were quite busy on April 29, not so much in others. We took 2012 off. Please enjoy this retrospective. 2015 – Spanked for bad grades and bad behavior 2015 – Forced to look 2015 – Ready … Continue reading

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The slipper will sting

The slipper is a uniquely British spanking implement. So, who better to feel its wrath than beautiful UK model Amelia-Jane Rutherford. Earl Grey is doing the honors at Firm Hand Spanking as Amelia-Jane learns that USA-based spankers can also redden … Continue reading

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Thou shalt behave and follow the rules

In a recent release from Triple A Spanking, Alex Reynolds plays a girl who had an arrangement at home that if she followed the house rules and did well at school then she could wear any of her cute clothes … Continue reading

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Two for the brush

Chelsea Pfeiffer delivers a bottom reddening spanking by hairbrush to Samantha Woodley and Sierra Salem for their continuing misbehavior. As always at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking, the girls are chastised and receive a thorough punishment. Link to Chelsea Pfeiffer’s GoodSpanking, and … Continue reading

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Erica Scott is paddled

The beautiful, articulate, and oh so naughty Erica Scott is once again spanked. I imagine she will be rosy red when this session is finished.

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