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Safewords are important

Anabelle Bernard Fournier states that she is “a sexuality, relationship, kink and polyamory writer with a bent for science and psychology. My writing explores the intersection of lived experience (usually mine) and psychological research, with a dash of Zen mindfulness … Continue reading

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Are things changing?

Forty-eight years ago, Ann Landers was in her hey day, and spoke the gospel on all matters for the lovelorn and confused. This clip of her column from July 22, 1968 is interesting. Simply asks: “What in the world is … Continue reading

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This is scary

There has been considerable discussion on the Twitter/Cyber-verse since this USA federal court ruling came out yesterday. We all want to protect those who cannot do so for themselves. However, giving states or the federal government the right to legislate … Continue reading

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A spanker speaks wise words

Ms. Dana Kane, a Las Vegas based disciplinarian, has seen plenty during her career, and is well respected in the spanking community. She recently offered words of wisdom not only for newbies but also for experienced spanking enthusiasts. When someone … Continue reading

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Spanking and educational game

From the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) website: This Video Game Teaches Its Players About Spanking And Consent Finally, a video game that may start to undo all the damage that “Grand Theft Auto” has done. (Maybe.) Hurt Me … Continue reading

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A warning about an impostor

Miss Kami Robertson is a UK Disciplinarian. I link to her in several places on this blog. She has posted information on her website about an impostor using her photos and a scene name that closely approximates Miss Robertson’s. The … Continue reading

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Paddling in days of yore

Those frat boys (and sorority girls) knew how to initiate a pledge back in the day. Paddle swats did not hurt anyone … in the long run at least. At the moment, yeah, I guess they had a lot of … Continue reading

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BDSM, consent and the law

This is from Canada, but has valid points for all of us to consider. BDSM, consent and the law – full panel discussion A panel discussion hosted by the University of Toronto’s Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies … Continue reading

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