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BDSM and CP acceptance is growing worldwide

Many spanking enthusiasts feel that this thing we do (TTWD) is a standalone kink divorced from BDSM. Others feel it is a sub-genre of BDSM. Regardless of your take on adult corporal punishment (CP) and spanking, it is clear that … Continue reading

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Gee, we knew this, right?

This article from OKCupid argues that BDSM is more popular than ever. I wonder if it is more popular, or just that things are much more open. With the advent of the internet, publication of mainstream books on various aspects … Continue reading

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That English Vice: Can you trump this?

From the Evening Standard via New London street art appears showing Theresa May ‘spanking’ Donald Trump When Theresa May talked about “the special relationship” with Donald Trump it’s unlikely she had this in mind. Street artist Pegasus has created … Continue reading

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Porn is everywhere

Esquire online posted a recap and discussion related to reading patterns – at least link patterns – of online porn. The top five countries are: 1) United States (the Bible Belt South leads the way and Mississippi is the grand … Continue reading

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Ain’t that a fucking bitch

People Who Swear May Be More Honest Than Those With A Less Colorful Vocabulary Swearing may be considered impolite and vulgar, but a new two-part study has revealed a more gracious attribute for those with an off-color vocabulary: Honesty. According … Continue reading

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USA election

All Things Spanking has take a week off to devote time to some personal issues, and digest the surprise result of our election. Despite Hillary winning the popular vote by a sizable margin, Mr. Trump prevailed in the Electoral College. … Continue reading

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A Disciplinarian speaks out

Ms. Kimi is a Denver-based Disciplinarian who engages in spanking only. She recently became aware of a situation in Colorado that has raised eye brows, and caused her ask some very good questions. Ms. Kimi posted about this on her … Continue reading

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Bare for the book

A Sneak Peek At 60-Year-Old Dominatrix’ Upcoming All-Nude Book Party … nudity will be optional for the press … but mandatory for all guests. … The entire Shelley Emling interview in The Huffington Post can be read here.

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July 11 – posts from this date in prior years

2015 – Quality control is essential 2014 – She does not care where they are 2013 – Pink shorts paddled 2013 – She is capable 2011 – A gem of a spanking book 2011 – Amber Pixie Wells gets the … Continue reading

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Pandora Blake wins her appeal. Dreams of Spanking will return!

In a fantastic bit of news, Pandora Blake has won her case against censorship in the UK. The ever popular and artistically superb site Dreams of Spanking will return just as quickly as Pandora and her team can get things … Continue reading

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The Hunteress is retiring

The Hunteress (Cassie Hunter), a UK-based Domme, announced earlier this week that she will be retiring. She states, “I will be conducting sessions up until approximately August 11th, but this date may also be brought forward. So if you have … Continue reading

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Are things changing?

Forty-eight years ago, Ann Landers was in her hey day, and spoke the gospel on all matters for the lovelorn and confused. This clip of her column from July 22, 1968 is interesting. Simply asks: “What in the world is … Continue reading

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