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Thought for the day

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Hot coffee and buns

Hat tip (or bottom blush?) to Jenn Davis

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Time for lunch

Source unknown

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Why the sock?

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If you need directions

… you are not a spanko. That is all.

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The Bat will not be messed with

I have communicated with some spankers who use “bat” when discussing a paddle. Most seem to be from Australia or New Zealand. A down under thing? Anyway, here we see Batman when he has been annoyed beyond his limits.

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I told you to eat every carrot and pea on your plate

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Things you never see or hear

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On or about this date in All Things Spanking’s history

2015 – Prepare yourself 2014 – Cheerleaders are spanked 2013 – The paddle whacks 2012 – I’m ready, where are you? 2011 – Firmed up for a spanking 2010 – Spanking for color 2009 – Primed and ready to spank … Continue reading

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The wind and the waves

… on a nice sandy beach. Her bum needs some color. Do you think she will screech? It really won’t matter as she takes her thrashing. The breakers will come, and just keep on crashing! Source unknown

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You may spank the bride

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Winter storm hitting East Coast of USA

… and spankers everywhere are burning their wooden paddles to maintain warmth in the air and not just the derriere. Oh, if it were only so.

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