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Today’s Stockroom special

A slut paddle for your enjoyment. Check it out here.

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A class for Dommes

Another article on a writer’s exploration of and possible entry into the “scene.” Jillian Richardson initially published this on Narratively. Read all of the article here. I was definitely at the right address. Tara Indiana, a professional dominatrix, emailed it … Continue reading

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The adult spanking community really is about normal people

Since 50 Shades came out, more and more people have become aware of and familiar with adult spanking activities. We see more of it in television shows, movies, and the press. By and large, I think media representation of adult … Continue reading

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Irish spanking

From The Journal’s online edition, we read: Vogue Williams went to a ‘spanking class’ for her new RTÉ documentary … In her new three-part documentary series Mean Girls, Vogue Williams meets women who ‘defy traditional perceptions of the fairer sex’, … Continue reading

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Paddles September OTK Spanking Party Rescheduled

Posted by Paddles today. Paddles OTK Spanking party Moved to Sept. 12th 7pm Paddles OTK Spanking party Moved to Sept. 12th 7pm Paddles Closed Labor Day weekend Sept.4th & 5th for private Parties. The Paddles Family wishes everyone a Safe/ … Continue reading

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ATVOD’s misguided mission explained to Lady Bear

Ariel Anderssen wrote and acted in a superb short video entitled If We Can Do It, Let Us View It that explores the insanity in the UK’s porn censorship regulations. This was filmed by Restrained Elegance, the production studio owned … Continue reading

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The Dungeon Manor temporarily closed

Mistress Evilyne has announced on her blog and Twitter that The Dungeon Manner will temporarily close in order to maintain peace in her neighborhood. It’s a shame whenever something like this happens, and we wish her well in pursuing an … Continue reading

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From the bottom

Cosmo is on a roll. Another story about spanking. Willow is no longer listed at the Dominion, but the article states she was moving on to the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. What It’s Really Like to Be a Professional Submissive … Continue reading

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The DWC is back

About a year ago, the Disciplinary Wives Club disappeared from the web, and most of us thought Aunty Kay had retired. Not so. Aunty has re-opened the DWC, and posts a comprehensive explanation of the hassles she has faced over … Continue reading

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Xmas toys

A holiday shopping sale at The Stockroom. Get your goodies.

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Get your holiday goodies

Click here or on the banner to check out the Stockroom’s sale that ends December 1.

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