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The Hunteress is retiring

The Hunteress (Cassie Hunter), a UK-based Domme, announced earlier this week that she will be retiring. She states, “I will be conducting sessions up until approximately August 11th, but this date may also be brought forward. So if you have … Continue reading

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No good deed goes unspanked or so it seems

Amelia-Jane Rutherford is a well-respected spanking model from the UK. Here we learn about an intense dose of the strap that Amelia must endure for showing some nobility toward the hardworking dancers she oversees. This rump roast is one you … Continue reading

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Sass will get a red ass

In “Attitude Ass Whooping” on Sarah Gregory Spanking, Lily Swan plays a sassy stripper who has been a complete bitch to everyone in the club. She is called into the manager’s office where Robert Shore tells her off and then … Continue reading

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Female mantra

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She is teaching him how to do the dishes

… and it is obvious he still has much to learn.

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For your formal crop needs

… we present two ladies who would be only too pleased to stripe your bottom. Each is dressed more formally in their chosen style. Any takers? Which would you choose? The identity of each lady is unknown as is the … Continue reading

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A look back on this day

As we do on occasion, this is a look back at posts on All Things Spanking from September 17 over the years. Well, there is one year when we goofed off on September 17, so we look at September 16 … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself

… by baring that bottom, and leaning over the hood while I get the strap out of the back. Then brace yourself as this is going to really sting. Original source unknown

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She is having so much fun

Via Tumblr (Becca, Divine Goddess of Pain)

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Stocked and ready

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