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An interview with Ophelia de Havilland

Ophelia de Havilland is a traditional English domestic disciplinarian. She professes to be the disciplinarian that you both love and fear. Miss Ophelia is very friendly, but no nonsense. Without any hesitation, she will spank when necessary, and spanks bottoms … Continue reading

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Chelsea is back

Well, to be accurate, Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment (CPE), including Good Spanking and Good Spanking Classics, never went anywhere. They were simply busy correcting naughty girls’ behavior, and switching their primary billing vendor for subscribers to CCBILL. Chelsea and All Things … Continue reading

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An Interview with Princess Ammy

Princess Ammy is a non-professional Asian disciplinarian who takes her avocation of delivering corporal punishments very seriously. Her implement of choice is the cane which she can very effectively administer. Ammy is intelligent, gracious, and outgoing, but all business once … Continue reading

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He will not have to wait

… to receive his chastisement. She is quickly following him with her weapon of ass destruction in hand. The strp will slap his ass with resopunding smacks that burn.

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Coach applies the strap

… to the bare bottom of girls who do not give 100 percent during practice. After all, how will they ever be champions if they do not work as hard as they can? Via Tumblr (Hoofdzaken en bilzaken)

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Prepare yourself

… by baring that bottom, and leaning over the hood while I get the strap out of the back. Then brace yourself as this is going to really sting. Original source unknown

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Stripped, spanked and belted for utter brattiness: Amelia pays the price

After receiving a splendid bare bottom spanking that leaves her red and belted, Amelia Jane Rutherford gets a mouth soaping to improve her language. The action is part of Amelia’s fast moving discipline series with Earl Grey, Getting to the … Continue reading

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Sarah punishes

At Sarah Spanks Men, the punishments always reflect the crime. In one of the recent videos, Sarah administers precisely what is call for and with significant severity. Woe unto anyone who crosses Sarah. JAMES TAWSED AND CANED – James has … Continue reading

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