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An interesting read on a unique Dominatrix

From the Huffington Post (link to full article): Meet The Dominatrix Who Requires The Men Who Hire Her To Read Black Feminist Theory By Amanda Duberman Mistress Velvet is a dominatrix with a syllabus. The Chicago-based master’s graduate got her … Continue reading

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Sultry Sunday: The Lap Turns on Ms. Julie

As you know, Strict Julie is a Canadian Disciplinarian who lovingly oversees david, her husband, in a domestic discipline relationship. She also directs others, on occasion, in their pursuit of personal goals. I can attest to her diabolical and effective … Continue reading

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Seen while shopping today

These cutting boards would solve the problem of which cheek to focus on. Pervertibles are wonderful.

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Does she spank? Want to try her?

Found on Pininterest. Model and original source unknown.

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Sultry Sunday: Amelia Jane Rutherford

Today, All Things Spanking launches a new feature that I call “Sultry Sunday.” The goal is to focus on spanking models, bottoms, or switches. I hope this new feature will be informative and entertaining. As always, please email me if … Continue reading

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She is bared and scared

Found in Roue Magazine

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Another cheerleader is burned

Cheerleader Adriana Evans is punished by coach John Osborne in “Can’t Be Trusted” at Cheerleader Spankings. She is spanked OTK in her cheerleader uniform, then paddled with the “Bad Cheerleader” paddle on her bare bottom. Finally, Adriana is spanked in … Continue reading

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Classic spanking

Well-spanked for his misdeeds by the boss. She rules with an iron will and a firm hand.

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She will not tolerate a fool

… and she has the tool. This lady also looks like she knows precisely how to use the paddle, and has the power to do so efficiently. Original source and model unknown.

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Paddle whack

Belinda Lawson braces knowing that this will sting. Certainly, Firm Hand Spanking disciplinarians do not mess around. Via Firm Hand Spanking.

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Miss Buffy Brown announces the next Manchester (UK) Spanking Party

Where? At Manchester (UK) When? 21st February 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Cost? £150 for a half day (one session) with lunch; £250 for a full day Lunch? There will then be a light lunch available from 12:45 to 1:30 pm. … Continue reading

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The brush for someone’s tush

Via Tumblr (OTK For Me). Original source unknown.

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