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Bare for the book

A Sneak Peek At 60-Year-Old Dominatrix’ Upcoming All-Nude Book Party … nudity will be optional for the press … but mandatory for all guests. … The entire Shelley Emling interview in The Huffington Post can be read here.

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From the “What difference does it make” file

Seriously, if this budding Russian actress and model gets a kick out of dominating men, who really gives a Vodka? Its strikes me that a lot of show biz and model types do just that. Get a kick out of … Continue reading

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The Bat will not be messed with

I have communicated with some spankers who use “bat” when discussing a paddle. Most seem to be from Australia or New Zealand. A down under thing? Anyway, here we see Batman when he has been annoyed beyond his limits.

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Spanking on Family Feud

Awwwwwww, Kristi, it’s no more embarrassing than falling on your ass doing a triple axel. Especially if you’re the doer! An interesting slip of the tongue? Via Uproxx: Steve Harvey Flusters Kristi Yamaguchi With His Reaction To Spanking On ‘Celebrity … Continue reading

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How to do it … and why

Paisley Gilmour is a editor and writer at focusing on sex and eroticism. She posted the following article today. Although focused toward beginners to adult spanking, an enthusiast at any level should find the article interesting and informative. Sex … Continue reading

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She became a Dominatrix and BDSM consultant

From Glamour Magazine, we read: What It’s Like to Be a Dominatrix By Suzannah Weiss When she was a journalist, Olivia Troy decided to write a story on men who liked being sexually dominated. She accepted an apprenticeship with a … Continue reading

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Strict Julie elaborates

The interview that one of Strict Julie’s cyber-subs conducted with her, and that Julie posted on her blog, generated quite a bit of comment related to the intensity that she often gets into when dealing with her husband david. Some … Continue reading

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Strict Julie speaks

Strict Julie is a married woman in her early thirties with no kids. She is admittedly adventurous and outgoing, and wonders if her husband (david) may have created a monster when he first asked her to spank him. Julie’s blog … Continue reading

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Sex, Spanking, The Bard, and Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan has described herself as a “writer, journalist, and Shakespeare geek in New York City.” She is also a self-avowed spanking enthusiast and wonderful spokeswoman for the adult spanking community. Jillian’s debut memoir, Sex With Shakespeare, was published by … Continue reading

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April 29 in the history of All Things Spanking

In some years, we were quite busy on April 29, not so much in others. We took 2012 off. Please enjoy this retrospective. 2015 – Spanked for bad grades and bad behavior 2015 – Forced to look 2015 – Ready … Continue reading

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Are things changing?

Forty-eight years ago, Ann Landers was in her hey day, and spoke the gospel on all matters for the lovelorn and confused. This clip of her column from July 22, 1968 is interesting. Simply asks: “What in the world is … Continue reading

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Spanking and search

Spank Boss over at Spanking Blog published an interesting study he recently did related to placement of his site when the term “spanking” (or related terms) were used in search. Here at All Things Spanking, we have also seen a … Continue reading

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