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Spanking and mental health

Kate Sloan is a “sex journalist (, sex blogger (, and sex podcaster ( She likes puns, pink lipstick, and puncturing the patriarchy.” In October, 2016, Kate published an article on The Establishment entitled “Spanking Is Essential To My Mental … Continue reading

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More on Why We Spank

Amanda Arnold is “a Brooklyn-based writer and editor” who most often writes “about women who are changing the way [they] eat and think about food .. culture, travel, history, and anything else [she finds] interesting.” She penned the following article … Continue reading

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Sex, Spanking, The Bard, and Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan has described herself as a “writer, journalist, and Shakespeare geek in New York City.” She is also a self-avowed spanking enthusiast and wonderful spokeswoman for the adult spanking community. Jillian’s debut memoir, Sex With Shakespeare, was published by … Continue reading

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A podcast on spanking with Jared DeFife and Jillian Keenan

I have often referenced Jillian Keenan’s advocacy for consensual adult spanking and BDSM. She recently participated as the guest for The School of Psych’s podcast entitled BDSM, Spanking, and Shakespeare (SoP 7) hosted by Jared DeFife, Ph.D. An excellent spokesperson … Continue reading

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More on constitutionally protected BDSM, or the lack thereof

Jillian Keenan is a writer in New York City who often writes about spanking, BDSM, and sexual freedom. Her first book, Sex With Shakespeare, will be released by William Morrow/HarperCollins this April. Jillian had an article in Slate today related … Continue reading

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Discussing kink

Another well done and thought provoking article by Jillian Keenan that appeared in Slate. I urge you to follow the title link to read it all. Is Kink a Sexual Orientation? It’s summertime, so of course the anti-sex crowd has … Continue reading

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Why we may be into spanking – Tina Horn and Jillian Keenan

“WHY ARE PEOPLE INTO THAT?! … is an indie podcast created, produced, and hosted by Tina Horn. Each episode focuses on a subject of human sexuality and non-judgmentally asks” that very question. Podcast 18 was posted today, and asks Why Are … Continue reading

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