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Those kinky Brits

Britain’s favourite kinky sex act revealed – it might surprise you Read it here in The Daily Star.

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A Spanking Voice: Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns’ website states that she “is a matriarchal woman in her 40s who has a lifelong interest in spanking and over 16 years of professional experience in administering corporal punishment to naughty boys and girls. Not only is she … Continue reading

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Her first spanking

Catch it on Broadly: My First Time.

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Tee it up

As Winter invades the Northern Hemisphere, one’s thoughts turn to Spring and Summer. Via (now defunct)

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A personal trainer who demands results

From The Daily Star, we read about a personal trainer who assures you work during a session … or else!

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An interesting read from the UK

Via The Mirror: Inside the secret sex dungeon that couples can hire to indulge their fantasies The Gatwick Dungeon, situated near the airport, is filled with whips, benches, stocks, cuffs, a ‘school’ room, a cage and even a spanking bench … Continue reading

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The stage is set

Someone will be hurtin’ for certain.

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Disciplinarian Discussion: Caning

All Things Spanking has converted its Thursday Thoughts feature into a new column (Disciplinarian Discussion) that will run on a regular basis. Disciplinarian Discussion will feature posts from various Tops, bottoms, models, etc. who will comment on areas of particular … Continue reading

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Kink discussed

An interesting article by Kenna Cook in VOICES: River City: SATRC: Hit me, baby, one more time … Kink, by definition, is the use of unconventional sexual practices, concepts or fantasies. It’s a play on “kink in the road,” a … Continue reading

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Yes I am ready

Send all three of them in. I will speak with them, and make sure they never do such a thing again. Original source unknown

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Heat things up

Emily Cappiello is a Popsugar contributor who who often writes about sexual issues. She recently published the following. Of course, spanking made the list. We all know that such can spice things up. [Five] BDSM Tactics That Will Ramp Up … Continue reading

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BDSM reclassified?

From The Sun (UK): Bondage and S&M sex games have been rebranded as a ‘pastime just like golf’ A new study has aligned hardcore sex games with genteel hobbies including hiking, skiing and golf as boffins discovered that participants feel … Continue reading

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