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Yes I am ready

Send all three of them in. I will speak with them, and make sure they never do such a thing again. Original source unknown

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Heat things up

Emily Cappiello is a Popsugar contributor who who often writes about sexual issues. She recently published the following. Of course, spanking made the list. We all know that such can spice things up. [Five] BDSM Tactics That Will Ramp Up … Continue reading

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BDSM reclassified?

From The Sun (UK): Bondage and S&M sex games have been rebranded as a ‘pastime just like golf’ A new study has aligned hardcore sex games with genteel hobbies including hiking, skiing and golf as boffins discovered that participants feel … Continue reading

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A job well done

From The Star (UK): Matt Damon bruised his butt cheek for Suburbicon spanking scene The actors play husband and wife in the 1950s-set dark comedy, directed by George Clooney, and one scene required the Jason Bourne star to repeatedly spank … Continue reading

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Yes this will sting

The paddle may be small, but the lady knows precisely how and where to apply it to maximize its effect. Never underestimate a lady who wants to punish you. Original source unknown

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A basic primer for this thing we do (TTWD)

From Jerk Magazine (online): Safe Spanking 101 So you want to try something new…

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October 17 over the years in All Things Spanking

2016 – Why the sock? 2015 – Naughty Girl 2014 – Spanking, Why? 2014 – More spanking in the news 2014 – Spanked for not doing his chores 2014 – She is not hiding much 2013 – Classic yet sobering … Continue reading

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Seen (scene?) on the street. Spank them on the spot?

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An interview with Disciplinarian Juliette

Miss Juliette is a Los Angeles-based Spanker. She recently agreed to chat with us, and we are so pleased that she did. Erudite, well-spoken, and quite adept at delivering the type and severity of spanking required in any situation, Miss … Continue reading

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Spank for your health

From the (UK): Why bondage is a pastime ‘just like golf’: Spanking helps participants develop personal skills and creates a sense of adventure, say sociologists … The study, led by Idaho State University, states: ‘A few recent studies have … Continue reading

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Friday Frivolty

Edited (Oct 17, 2017): Original art by Dave Wolfe who does “WolfieToons!”. The signature had been removed by someone before All Things Spanking saw and reposted this piece.

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Wonder Women: The movie score (2017)

Susan Cheng is an entertainment reporter for Buzz Feed, and recently posted the following. Go, Wonder Woman, go! There Are Actual Spanking Sounds In This Movie Score Annnnnd it’s for a film about Wonder Woman. Professor Marston and the Wonder … Continue reading

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