Implements of choice

In the early days of All Things Spanking (long before our recent hiatus), readers were asked: “When there’s a choice, other than the hand, what spanking implement do you prefer?”

With 124 people voting (some voted for multiple implements), the results were:

Wood paddle (36) or 24%
Hairbrush (33) 22%
Strap/belt (31) or 21%
Cane (19) or 13%
Leather paddle (12) or 8%
Tawse (8) or 5%
Switch (6) or 4%
None (5) or 3%

It’s interesting that the traditional percussion (impact) implements in the US (wood paddle and hairbrush) led the way along with the strap/belt. I would also suggest that the majority of voters were Tops. Just a hunch. Certainly any of the listed implements are effective when used “properly” and in the right hands.

3 Replies to “Implements of choice”

  1. I voted for the hairbrush. It mom’s implement of choice when a kid needed a good hiney warming.

    Now as an adult switch, l enjoy both giving and getting spankings with the hairbrush.

    p.s. I can’t say that l enjoyed hairbrush spankings when I was a little boy. In fact, l remember being in my room after a spanking, still crying, and wishing that the hairbrush had never been invented. LOL

  2. My favorite implement is the wooden paddle mainly because it was used
    in the Pittsburgh Public Schools until the late 60’s early 70’s. I remember
    each one of my lessons with the paddle like it was yesterday. I was given
    23 paddlings from grades 3 through 10, which was a little less than 3 every
    school year, not too many, for I didn’t want anyone to know how much I
    enjoyed getting paddled. The one paddling that always gives me a woody
    when I think about it was given to me by my female principal in the 6th grade.
    Twelve hard swats that almost brought me to tears.
    My second favorite is the belt or strap. My Dad was a champion belt spanker.

    1. Hi John, I would love to chat more with you about spankings – the school paddle and your dad’s strap. In my family we got the hairbrush from my mom and the strap from my dad.
      Thanks, Dan

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