Mitch’s Saga: The Beat Begins

This continues the saga of my journey into the world of adult, consensual spanking. The previously posted recollections focused on my growing interest and fantasy. Now, it was time for the paddle to meet flesh.

In the last chapter of my journey from being an innocent vanilla guy to becoming a full-fledged spankophile, I was at a support group’s weekly meeting. That session’s focus on Victorian discipline and corporal punishment confirmed that I was not alone with such needs. The knowledge that the group had a spanking sub-group cinched the deal.

A few days later, I returned to the meeting room to join about a dozen folks interested in spanking. The leader and her male mate welcomed me, and we chatted for a bit. I looked at the assorted implements on display with keen interest and picked up a few. Yes, they looked painful yet exciting.

The session started and after some discussion and questions, the leader asked for a volunteer for a demonstration. No one volunteered so she pointed directly at me and said: “You, up here now! You were so interested in the implements.” With butterflies and a lot of fear, I struggled up to her and was directed to go OTK. So, I did while fully clothed and most likely blushing.

After delivering a few sharp hand spanks, the leader announced she “could not do this” and ordered me up. Wow, that was easy, I concluded. Wrong! The “this” she couldn’t do was spank over clothes. “Pants down around your ankles. Underwear, too” were the next words I heard.

With embarrassment, I did as directed. Being ordered back OTK, I now realized I was in deep yogurt. My legs were effectively tied together by my jeans and underwear, and I was totally immobilized when her leg wrapped over mine. I was now bare ass, bottom up, over the lap of someone I had just met and who was going to spank me. And, in front of strangers.

And spank me she did! Hand, paddle, hairbrush and strap were used to demonstrate the proper technique and their effect. My “virgin” bottom felt like a thousand bee stings, but I did not cry. In retrospect, I learned that this first adult spanking was truly not that intense and certainly not as severe as could be delivered.

The woman who led this sub-group and I became friends, and she spanked me several other times much more intensely until our paths sent us in different geographic directions. At our last meeting, she said she had never truly punished me. I thought otherwise although she said I never earned her absolute punishment spanking. I was aghast and thankful since what she had done was painful enough … or so I thought.

Believe it or not, I do not think I have ever received a bona fide punishment spanking. See what a good boy I am? Yeah, right. I know I (do?) deserve it but have been spared so far. Anyone know a good practitioner of the art?

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