Mitch’s Story: Learning what it is all about

Continuing with the saga of how I came to be who I am in this community, I present part 2. Enjoy!

My prior discourse addressed my maturation from a naive kid to a young adult who recognized that he was not alone in this big world with spanking thoughts. But, what to do about it? Well, I became aware of a kinky group in my city that held weekly educational meetings. For two weeks I paced up and down the sidewalk observing the “crazies” who entered for the meeting. What kind of books was they?

By the end of my stakeout on week two, it was evident that the kooks were no different than me. They wore jeans, slacks, dresses, suits, whatever depending on where they were coming from. They looked like the folks I saw every day in the office, around my neighborhood, shopping. Hmmm … maybe this was not so far out.

I nervously entered the meeting hall on week three to be greeted by several very nice people who made me feel at home and explained the purpose of the meetings. I mentioned that spanking was my main interest, and they said that was perfectly normal. In fact, the meeting that evening was on Victorian Discipline focusing on corporal punishment complete with a demonstration. I must have looked like a deer in headlights as they chuckled and showed me to a seat.

After a few obligatory announcements, the educational part started with two gentlemen walking down the aisle followed by two women holding paddles and hairbrushes. The women explained the basics of a “proper” spanking, where to spank and where not to, potential dangers, etc. It was all new to me at the time as I had thought that simply blasting one’s bum was all it took. It truly does take great skill and knowledge to know what to do.

Once the women had explained the parameters of spanking, they did indeed redden the two bottoms. Starting first over jeans, then underwear, and finally bare. It seemed like a thorough thrashing at the time to my newbie eyes. but in retrospect was likely not much more than a warm-up. This was a demo after all.

I became fully hooked at that meeting and was especially happy to learn that the group had a spanking/corporal punishment section that met on a separate evening. Stay tuned for that in our next chapter.

To be continued …

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