One way or another you will take charge of yourself

Georgia Cane is from New York and is a no-nonsense Disciplinarian who is strict yet undeniably fair. She expects folks to honor their commitments to themselves, to her, and/or to whoever else they encounter, or consequences ensue.

In 2017, Miss Cane posted an article on her blog Georgia Cane Spanking Disciplinarian relating to taking charge. We feel that Miss Cane’s words are on-point to what many seek, and we proudly post them here with her permission.

Spanking Discipline Is Taking Charge
by: Georgia Cane (NYC)

For a while, I felt strongly I’d said all about spanking I needed to say. I was wrong. Whether it is role play, age regression or addressing issues which are disrupting or hindering your life, seeking Spanking Discipline is about one thing and one thing only; taking charge. By that I mean YOU are taking charge of your life.

Just as doctors don’t heal themselves, we can’t be objective enough to see ourselves clearly; and when it comes to corporal punishment or strict behavioral correction, trust me that, no matter how determined you may be, you will not go much beyond the comfort zone. Even in role play of any kind, you must be seen through the eyes of an authority who appreciates and fully participates in the experience. A disciplinarian must key into both what’s said and, more importantly, what’s unsaid.

Focus and respect are key to ending self-destructive patterns of behavior – from procrastination to abuse – or for some, to clearly revisit the crux of a profound, life-directing event either left unaddressed or which held you in good stead.

In essence, spanking discipline is self-discipline. One must cede control to a mature and savvy authority but one who will not suffer foolishness nor excuse wrong behavior but instead holds you accountable and makes you feel the consequences of wrongdoing.

That way the penalty is paid, your conscience is clear. You’re left with a renewed energy, a cleared head, a clean slate, and a nicely burning bottom. And that’s what it means to take charge.

Warm Bottoms,
Georgia Cane

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