Mitch’s Story: In the beginning … I wondered

From time-to-time, I will post autobiographical material related to my journey into “this thing we do.” This is the first such post. Enjoy!

When I was growing up, there was no internet. Not quite the stone ages, mind you, but not the information age either. I had an interest in spanking for as far back as I can remember, and thought I was crazy or the world’s biggest pervert. After all, nice people didn’t do such things … did they? At least, that is what society said.

I sneaked around as a teen often visiting the library both for school work and to read passages in many books about spanking and corporal punishment (CP). It did help me learn the Dewey Decimal System as I had to find all the books with subjects related to “this thing we do (TTWD)” … judicial CP, school related, the history of various CP methods, implements, on and on.

Later, many magazines like Penthouse and Variations (a Penthouse publication) included “letters to the editor” about various subjects including spanking. The “letters” were always extremely well written. Hmmmmm, did others have the same fantasies as me? And, they engaged in this practice? Were these letters for real? Many were likely conjured up but were entertaining. Perhaps I was not pervy.

Other publications were available in adult bookstores. These were usually produced on newsprint with newspaper ink of varying colors. It was punishment enough to wash the multi-colored ink off your hands before it transferred to your clothes, furniture, or whatever. However, these publications were more evidence that I was not alone with my thoughts.

Still an unspanked adult, the final straw to convince me that I was more normal than not was the realization that all those publications, paddles, articles, ads, etc. were not produced just hoping that I and only I would happen along to buy them. So, I decided to do something about the “never spanked” part of this., but that is a tale (tail?) for another day.

To be continued …

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