Sultry Sunday: Leia-Ann Woods

This week we focus on Leia-Ann Woods who is a London-based spanking enthusiast. She has appeared in many videos, and is an erudite, experienced, and very accomplished practitioner of the “art.” In Leia-Ann’s own words:

“I love to feel traditional corporal punishment, even if I must suffer the humiliation of having my panties taken down…”

Switching perspectives, Dr. Leia-Ann will diagnose and prescribe the cure for your ailment. Her treatments are direct, effective, and applied with no anesthesia. Failure to follow doctor’s orders are not tolerated. After all, no pain no gain to borrow an axiom from exercise buffs. Be careful what you wish for as Leia-Ann states that she:

“… found a love of switching in recent years, enjoying dishing out corporal punishment in many roles from the domestic right up to judicial level.”

Leia-Ann also hosts the Bottoms Up Spanking Club where she and her associates aim to run a party with a difference. The approach is unique. Link to the site to read all about it.

It is All Things Spanking’s pleasure to feature Leia-Ann Woods. Her videos can be seen at:

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One Response to Sultry Sunday: Leia-Ann Woods

  1. peejay Thomas says:

    she looks like the PERFECT role-playing switch!

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