Redux: A new interview with Miss Jennifer

Back on August 12, 2013 All Things Spanking posted an interview with Miss Jennifer. Having kept in touch with her over the years, we realized that her unique style and approach to discipline had continued to evolve, and that she had introduced several new things to her  offerings. So, we asked Miss Jennifer if she would be willing to chat with us again, and she graciously accepted.

ATS: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Miss Jennifer.

MJ: Oh no problem Mitch. I would always like to do an interview with you.

ATS: *Blushing* Why thank you, Miss Jennifer, and I with you.

ATS: You are doing more life coaching with spanking consequences or rewards I gather. Could you tell us about that?

MJ: Mitch, my practice is different than many of the other so called professional disciplinarians out there. Some are closet prostitutes and others are just masochists. However, like them, I also provide a service though it is non-sexual. That is not saying there can’t be fantasy involved, but, really, I am trying to empower people to be the best they can be. I am focusing on behavioral modification, different stress management techniques, and coaching across a wide range of issues that can vary from career, to personal life, to exogenous issues.

ATS: Do you prefer a “reason” to spank such as a bona fide misbehavior or failure to meet a goal? Do you need a reason?

MJ: Mitch, I love to spank because it can help people dealing with a wide range of issues. Certainly, when someone comes to me and we agree to a plan and then they fail to achieve a goal they are going to get it and I enjoy giving it to them because I know they will be better for it. But I don’t need a reason to spank because, for example, it is therapeutic and by definition there is a reason they are coming to me.

Something you also might find interesting, when people come for an initial session, I have rarely if ever not seen them for a second session. Honestly, the issue is getting people to come the first time, which is hard because this is perceived societally as such a fringe form of therapy. But it works! If it didn’t people wouldn’t keep coming back and write me the nicest testimonials. I have also noticed that more women are joining my site because they realize that it is not about sex, but rather problem solving and/or therapeutic.

ATS: You are now producing very informative and entertaining podcasts. How did this project come about?

MJ: My goal is to help people, but getting them to fill out an application and scheduling a visit to see me can be scary to some people – they don’t know who I am, what are they are going to get, or how it all works. I get it! I want people to know that I am just a normal person who is interested in helping people.

I decided that raising the veil on what I do through podcasts might be helpful to some. As well, I want to support the website and continue to add content for all people curious and interested in spanking. I actually ported my podcast content over to Patreon so that people can listen to my podcasts and a variety of ancillary content all the while helping to support all the exciting things I am doing to improve the website. Feedback has been great, and all my clients are asking when the next podcast is coming out. I try to do four or more a month. People are signing up and then we do a forum chat on the website where I answer questions.

ATS: You are fond of posting pictures of the places you travel and interesting meals you enjoy. What is your favorite cuisine?

MJ: Mitch I think you know I am Korean. What you might not know is that I love to cook. So Korean food is my favorite because the food choices I generally eat and make involve fish, vegetables and fruits, but I also like Italian, French and Peruvian.

ATS: Do you find differences in the type or style of spanking that is preferred in various countries?

MJ: Yes, there are some differences depending on what country you are talking about. But they generally tell me they don’t want it how it is done in their home, rather they want to experience Miss Jennifer’s way. I also find differences in the types of people and the reasons they come. No two people are the same, but many people of different cultures have similar needs and that is to be pushed or to have consequences. It is great that spanking can be a universal language for good – YES I WANT PEOPLE TO BE GOOD AND TO BEHAVE!

ATS: What about geographic preferences for implements?

MJ: I would say the same as above – MISS JENNIFER’S WAY!

ATS: From a tourist perspective (I know you love all your clients), do you have a favorite place to travel? Why?

MJ: I do love all my clients and that is what makes my travels so fun. I go to Korea annually because it centers me and is home. Honestly, when I travel, I find the best of each location. Many people just pick a city and do what I do in one place, but that is selfish – not all people can afford to travel to me and there are few if any people who can do what I do. Again, society has deemed this as taboo, but often because it is associated with child abuse. I do not see any clients under 18 EVER, and this is something that people opt for because it helps them. I know people will be bummed if I ever retire, but I am nowhere near that place and I really love what I do!

ATS: Where have you not been that you would like to visit? Bottoms do need time to prepare for your spankings.

MJ: Honestly, I have been all over the world and I would go anywhere for anyone if they need the therapy. I have yet to go to NZ and Australia. Funny –  Australia was once a prison colony so there must be a lot of bottoms that need a good whipping.

ATS: How tall are you?

MJ: 5.0″ tall.

ATS: You are petite. How do you deliver the power you are known to possess when spanking?

MJ: I really wonder why people are always concerned about it. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that the best gifts come in small packages? I may not look strong, but there is not a bottom out there that could withstand my power. People underestimating me is the best. I have had so many large clients think that it will be so cute to get a spanking from me. Ever seen a grown man cry? It is not a pretty sight, but they almost always come back – if they can take it. One guy didn’t think I could spank him long and hard. But, when the spanking started he was in tears, screaming like crazy into the pillow and hitting the mattress with his fist.

ATS: Have you recently added any particularly unique implements to your collection?

MJ: HAHAHA, Robbie just bought me a new implement when we were in London. It stings badly – all my clients now call it “The Robbie” and are not fans of his anymore. He does podcasts with me. But I am always on the hunt for new and exciting tools. Honestly the tried and true are still the best, but clients are always welcome to bring an implement for me to try out. Robbie also said he is on the hunt for something worse than a sjambok. I encourage it – always like to be on the cutting edge.

ATS: Thanks again for your time, Miss Jennifer. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

MJ: Yes, there are two things. Firstly, and honestly, as a society we need to demystify professional disciplinarians. Hopefully through this article, the podcasts, and my website, people can get truthful information on this therapy. It works…it hurts (a lot), but it works because people crave discipline and release.

The other thing is you still have not set up a session for yourself. Why? Thanks for asking and being willing to interview me.

ATS: Miss Jennifer, it is always a pleasure to chat with you. And, do I detect a little of your playful spirit in that last answer? Well, I have now communicated a proposed date to experience firsthand your style. Here’s a secret – I have never truly cried during a spanking. Will I? Oh, did I just dare you?

And for my readers, I will post an article of my experience with Miss Jennifer. This will be a first for me as I have always kept my peronal experiences off the blog. But, I sense you would be interested, so it shall be.

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4 Responses to Redux: A new interview with Miss Jennifer

  1. peejay Thomas says:

    AMAZING lady – I bet many, like me wish they lived within range of her and could benefit at close hand from her services!!!

  2. peejay – you must read the interview(s) and Miss Jen’s website. SHE TRAVELS. Communicate with her as spelled out on her website, and you never know. You, too, may experience “Miss Jennifer’s way.” Of course, if you cannot follow instructions, well …..

  3. Robert says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your experience!

  4. peejay Thomas says:

    Thanks Mitch – of COURSE I never follow instructions from bossy spankers as life is so much more interesting that way! I might check out Miss Jennifer in future, but at the moment, I’m looking for a who I can see a few times to check out whether we hit it off!

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