Girls will be girls

The old-time practice of Greek hazing on-campus is long past being appropriate. While this is an eye-popping story via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, it is dead wrong to do so.

Pitt sorority suspended after possible off-campus hazing incident

The University of Pittsburgh has suspended a sorority while a possible off-campus hazing incident involving a dozen pledges and a paddle is being investigated by Penn Hills and university police, officials confirmed …


Art source unknown; found on Piinterest.

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2 Responses to Girls will be girls

  1. QBuzz says:

    Love the idea of ladies lined up, bottoms bared and ready for spanking! Doesn’t matter if it’s a row of paddled pledges, a whole class of schoolgirls or a line of elegant wives whose bottoms need thrashing!

  2. markiee says:

    My wife kept her sorority paddle & keeps it on our dining room wall. Every so often she takes it down to dust it off on me after she strips me & bends me over the back of our living room couch. A few years ago, a neighbor was over for tea & asked her why it was on the end table in our living room. My wife told her from time to time she dusts it off, & I must have turned beet red as I brought in the tea to them as they were sitting on the couch that I was bent over just moments before she came over. At first she had a quizzical look on her face before a curious smile broke out as I excused myself & retreated down to my man cave (den).

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