Sultry Sunday: Sting Stevie … or be stung

Stevie Rose decides whether to spank or be spanked

This week’s focus is on Stevie Rose. An adorable spanking and fetish model, Stevie also produces videos and is available to burn your bum or be spanked. Yes, Stevie switches. Originally from Utah, Stevie is now based in Southern California.

Stevie has a very spankable bottom and is known to administer stinging swats to her targets. Her approach and attitude are fun-filled but don’t take that for being lackadaisical. Stevie accepts what she has earned, and delivers what you deserve.

Stevie is very approachable and can be contacted via her FetLife site or email (

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2 Responses to Sultry Sunday: Sting Stevie … or be stung

  1. peejay Thomas says:

    SHE couldn’t BURN anyone’s bum – could she???

  2. peejay Thomas says:

    If I’m ever in Southern California, I’d love to challenge her to an “Anything you can do I can do switching session as I think it would be FANTASTIC with an attitude like hers!!!

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