To quote Strict Julie: “It happened!”

Last week, Strict Julie announced that she would likely receive her first public spanking on February 18. Recall that Julie normally does the paddling. Well, she actually has an array of effective tools for ass destruction; not just a paddle. Anyway, this evening Julie posted a comprehensive narrative of her experience. As always it is captivating, well written, and titillating. We capture her opening and closing lines below. In between is ……. oh, you will just have to read it.

Julie could not stop the inevitable. Did she want to?

Julie Spanked in Front of Family… For Real!!!

… I received my first public spanking in front of my entire family. And I do not mean just one swat as anticipated in julie to be Publicly Spanked???, I mean a freakin’ spanking! And things took a few other unexpected turns along the way as well. …

Hmmm… just realized, SIX public smacks, SIX orgasms, hmmmm, coincidence?
So fucking hot. BEST night of my life!

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3 Responses to To quote Strict Julie: “It happened!”

  1. peejay Thomas says:

    Always good to try new things to find out what is good for you BUT IT’S AMAZING WHEN YOU REALLY REALLY LOVE IT! 😉

  2. fordonswebben says:

    Mitch, thanks so much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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