Sultry Sunday: Mistress Rattan to blister Manhattan

Today we turn from our focus on spanking models to an emphasis on a quite qualified Disciplinarian. Mistress Rattan is a stunning Toronto-based Disciplinarian who provides “a corporal fix for a corporate world.” She is fully capable and willing to address whatever ails you. Mistress states that “beyond that world are several more varied interests of mine including theatre, movies, music, literature, sports, and travel.” Truly an eclectic and well-rounded Disciplinarian. Dare you bare your soul – and other things – to her?

Mistress has announced that she will once again be in Manhattan on February 27 – 28, and can be contacted for “corporal fixes.” Cetainly there are may deserving subjects in New York who would benefit from a dose of Canadian discipline.

Contact Mistress via this link.

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One Response to Sultry Sunday: Mistress Rattan to blister Manhattan

  1. KDPierre says:

    Hey there! I am always looking for new twisted topics for my own blog and I have to thank you for this post. It got me thinking of something that I hope will end up as an entertaining read. I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the Mistress, but her name made me chuckle and then got me thinking how it’s only people in different areas of the professional ‘sex trades’ (or the names that people put on fake headstones at Halloween) that come up with these field-related pseudonyms. How entertaining would life be if all professionals in all services did the same thing?! 😉

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