Both Belle & Baton blister bums

Ms. Baton

Ms. Sultrybelle

Mistresses Sultrybelle and Baton have announced that they will  be offering double sessions on February 5th and 6th in Glasgow. This will be Mistress Baton’s second visit to Scotland from South Africa.

Using different styles, each can cane extremely hard  with precise strokes.  They will also take it down a notch or two  depending on limits and tolerance. Administration of the strap or tawse  will be available along with role play and school scenes.

Mistresses Sultrybelle and Baton love what they do, and are quite proficient at it. Just ask anyone who has had their arse inflamed by either. It is a memorable experience.

Check out their websites, and contact either for information. Or, email Mistress Sultrybelle who is based in Glasgow.

Mistress Sultrybelle’s website.
Mistress Baton’s website.

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