A Spanking Voice: Elizabeth Burns

Elizabeth Burns’ website states that she “is a matriarchal woman in her 40s who has a lifelong interest in spanking and over 16 years of professional experience in administering corporal punishment to naughty boys and girls. Not only is she adept at the art and science of spanking, but Elizabeth is a skilled role player who loves to scold.”

All Things Spanking’s interactions with Elizabeth have been very positive. She has been an absolute delight in all regards. Elizabeth recently launched a new site, Spanking Audio Clips by Elizabeth Burns, that has gotten fantastic reviews. From time-to-time, All Things Spanking will be featuring representative clips from Elizabeth’s site for your pleasure. I urge you to link to the site for more.

Courtesy of Spanking Audio Clips by Elizabeth Burns

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2 Responses to A Spanking Voice: Elizabeth Burns

  1. Grady Allen says:

    Uh-oh! Elizabeth’s sample audio clip made me bust out another poem:

    I like listening to these audio clips
    But I wish I could control my lips
    Talking back to Elizabeth is never smart
    She will add a hard spanking to my e-commerce cart
    Her audio clips will send a warning to all naughty boys
    Santa Claus will not bring us any toys
    Instead we will get switches and a lump of coal
    Which Elizabeth will use in her disciplinarian role
    Both can be used to keep our bottoms warm
    But the switches hurt when Elizabeth makes them storm
    So as surely as the world turns
    Our bottoms will be blistered by Elizabeth Burns
    Although it’s not really Elizabeth, rather her cane
    That causes our bottoms to feel so much pain

  2. Grady Allen says:

    Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle! I just realized that I’m going over Elizabeth’s lap SOON and I haven’t buttered her up nearly enough for a patty cakes spanking so I busted out ANOTHER poem just for sweet, gentle, fair, kind but STRICT Elizabeth:

    If you need help eating a healthy diet
    An Elizabeth Burns spanking works wonders, why not try it?
    Or if you need to stop drinking too much alcohol
    Elizabeth Burns is THE disciplinarian to call
    Maybe you should study harder and make better grades in school
    Elizabeth Burns will help you focus and never break her rule
    Or if you need an incentive to clean your filthy room
    Elizabeth Burns will give you a spanking, a swiffer and a broom

    Elizabeth’s scolding voice is music to my ears
    She is strict, but sweet so I have no fears
    Going over her lap is fun until the pain begins
    Then I regret having committed so many sins
    I would prefer to receive only patty cakes
    But Elizabeth knows a hard spanking is what it takes
    To turn a boy who is naughty in so many ways
    Into a good boy who ALWAYS obeys

    A good dose of the hairbrush for lying
    Elizabeth isn’t doing her job if I’m not crying
    A hundred with the strap for weight loss
    Six of the best for not using dental floss
    Then more quality time over her lap with the hairbrush
    For playing Clash of Clans instead of Candy Crush
    Elizabeth will spank me until she is sure
    That she has given me the naughty boy cure

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