Disciplinarian Discussion: Caning

All Things Spanking has converted its Thursday Thoughts feature into a new column (Disciplinarian Discussion) that will run on a regular basis. Disciplinarian Discussion will feature posts from various Tops, bottoms, models, etc. who will comment on areas of particular interest to them or their unique expertise. As always, questions from readers are welcome (send email), and we will forward them to a guest writer to be answered. As with Thursday Thoughts, these posts will be archived on our Guest Writers page.

Our initial guest is Miss Sultrybelle, a Glasgow-based Disciplinarian who has a reputation for being a “hard and accurate corporal punishment” practitioner. From reviewing a number of the clips she has posted, I can attest to her proficiency and power. I can also attest that Miss Sultrybelle is an extremely pleasant, responsive person who has been kind to All Things Spanking over the years.

Miss Sultrybelle’s observations are on caning, and her approach to it. You wanted a discussion of aftercare from a proficient caner?

There are many skills needed to be a good top, one of the most important in my opinion is being able to read the physical reactions of your bottom. The more times that I play with someone the easier it is to read them. That is why I generally play softer and less intense the first time. Over time, I will build up the intensity of each session.

Every stroke is measured and planned; from the distance I stand from the bottom to how far my arm will stretch out once fully extended. I take a lot of pride in CP. These are my personal high standards.

I prefer to cane from cold with no warm up, but I will only do it with consent. In many sessions, I spend a long time slowly building up before I use decent force. In some cases, I will never use much force as the bottom is not ready for it or has realized through previous experiences that they are not into heavy impact play. Many people have admitted that they seek me out due to my reputation for administering hard canings. I definitely attract masochists.

Miss Sultrybelle’s videos can be obtained at her Clips4Sale site. She also has a new website after being locked out of her old site for some unknown, non-communicated reason, and losing her historical content.

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5 Responses to Disciplinarian Discussion: Caning

  1. Fondles says:

    Interesting read. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for letting me write a little in your blog. xxx

  3. David Webley says:

    Miss Sultrybelle is one of the most pleasant Dommes I have met. Whilst I cannot play at her levels she very kindly allowed me a ‘Soft Session’ alongside the lovely Sarah. She’s a very intelligent lady and a pleasure to talk to.

  4. jpweltsok says:

    I’m an American boy. So canes were not something I dreamed about. Wood paddles as used in schools and homes were meant for one thing only..paddling! They’re still my fave though canes are also something special now. They can be so gentle or wickedly fierce. Even the hardest strokes are less noisy than paddles…and sometimes that’s important. Of course the welts are scary to some and trophies for others. Either one still depends on the user’s ability to keep me on the edge….just a half-gasp of breath behind and a touch of genuine panic!

  5. Thank you for your kind words David. xx

    @jpweltsok It’s all about the welts for me, I love to watch them form. x

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