Seen (scene?) on the street. Spank them on the spot?

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3 Responses to Seen (scene?) on the street. Spank them on the spot?

  1. Gina says:

    Very spankable bottoms.

  2. Christopher Stone says:

    Absolutely, they need to be spanked on the spot. Women dress like this for only one reason–to get attention. The problem with that, is oftentimes the kind of attention they end up receiving, is dangerous. There are a lot of demented people in this world, who would want to do more than just fantasize. These kind of people would follow these women home, then attack them. Besides, with all the sexual harassment nonsense going on these days, where a man can’t even pay a woman a compliment, without her running screaming to the nearest lawyer, wearing these kind of clothes is more or less entrapment.
    So, yes, these women need to be spanked, and they need to be spanked soundly right where they stand. They need to be taught that, no, they cannot dress or behave any way they want to in public. Maybe the humiliation would serve to spare them from going through a traumatic event in the future.

  3. Targetarear says:

    I hear (or read) what you say Christopher Stone, but sadly if you were to spank them on the spot they certainly would run screaming to a lawyer. Men just can’t win in this post-feminist world.

    I must say though that if I saw the young lady in the first photo walking along in front of me, I’d have great difficulty preventing myself landing at least one firm smack to her delectable rear end. (I’d also probably be so focused on her behind that I’d be likely to walk into a tree or a lamp post).

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