Thursday Thoughts – Mark It Up

Thursday Thoughts is a weekly column in which Ms. Victoria Kay, a Phoenix-based Disciplinarian and Spankologist, provides her insights to reader questions or those posed by All Things Spanking. Thursday Thoughts columns are archived on a page of its own in addition to being available through the normal search feature. Please email if you wish to suggest a question for Ms. Victoria.

Question: May spanking enthusiasts enjoy seeing the marks left from a spanking, but … often … not for too long. Others want all the discomfort, but no marks. What are your thoughts for preventing marks while still “getting the job done” and for treating marks that do occur?

Ms. Victoria says: It’s a common request to minimize marks and bruising, not leave any at all, or create ones that will fade within a couple days. Most of the time, a real good spanking can be given to the point of intense, hot, and red without marking up a bottom. From experience, I know what implements and intensities are likely to create marks and bruising so this request is not difficult to grant. For example, if someone can’t have marks, the cane is out, lol. And my heavy rubber strap will almost always leave bruising. I do a lot of hand spanking and lighter implements for no-mark sessions and have never had a complaint that it wasn’t a true spanking experience with all the bells and whistles. Some bottoms mark or bruise easier then others so it’s also about being aware of what impact is being made throughout the spanking. As for treating marked sore bottoms, as I’ve said in a previous post, Arnica gel or cream works well 🙂

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3 Responses to Thursday Thoughts – Mark It Up

  1. John says:

    Victoria give the best spanking ever. That cane and strap are wickedly awesome

  2. Wilson says:

    Quite the opposite….when I am punished, I want to see the marks, feel the discomfort, and know that I have to be accountable.
    Everyone has their own reasons for hiding or showing !!
    Cudo’s to the Top that can please all 🙂

  3. Martin says:

    I agree with Wilson, I wear my marks with pride.

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